Swimming improves the mood of the elderly

Ester Benach

12 in March, 2015

Nowadays there are many adults and adults that start to do sport. Most of them, if they know how to swim, choose the pool because swimming is one of the most recommended sports and most work all parts of the body.

Swimming is excellent for the cardiovascular and respiratory system and for strength and muscular resistance, it increases the flexibility of the joints, tonifies the body, relaxes it and also helps to lose weight. It is also appropriate and beneficial, provided that the necessary precautions are adopted, especially people with motor problems, since in the water the weight of the body seems to be lightened. This is one of the characteristics that make it ideal for the elderly.
Losing fear and having fun
Now, water is a different medium, more for people who are unfamiliar, and fear of sinking or not touching the ground can cause bad past. Initiation and familiarization courses become a good solution so that adults can learn to swim and consider the aquatic environment as an ideal place to perform physical activity and have fun while losing fear. It should be noted that all the clubs Claror offers courses for the elderly who want to learn to swim or improve their technique.
The following steps are already beginning to learn the different styles, combining them with the techniques of rotation, buoyancy, balancing, diving and, above all, making the water a place to have fun and find companions with whom, afterwards, go for breakfast or snack. In fact, many people learn to swim for adults not only because of a health issue or because of medical advice, but because many people, especially the elderly, find a place to meet other people of their age and fight the loneliness
The benefits of practicing swimming in the elderly are many:

· It promotes the activity of the muscular cardiorespiratory system
· It makes it possible to move the body to the water and favors physical activity in obese people, with pathologies in the spine and in those that out of the water have difficulties for sports activities.
· It is very positive for those who need heart or motor rehabilitation.
· It allows you to abandon the sedentary lifestyle and develop it, without much energy wear.
· It is an activity that produces pleasure and provides the opportunity to overcome and achieve self-confidence.
· It exerts hydrotherapeutic effects and improves the symptoms of bone diseases, joint, muscular, motor, etc., thus providing a great sense of well-being.

Before starting to practice any sport, and swimming is no exception, it is advisable to consult with a physician and undergo a recognition so that the swimmer can calibrate up to what level of effort he can achieve.

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Ester Benach

Director of excellence and social responsibility

Graduate in Communication Sciences (UAB), Graduate in Advertising and Public Relations (UOC), Master's Degree in Corporate Social Responsibility (UOC)

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