Do you want to get over? Sergio Herráez explains the sports coaching

Cristian González

8 April, 2015

Do you like to do sport but notes that you are stagnating and would like to aspire in addition? If you need to improve your motivation and confidence you can now get it by following a program of coaching Sport that will make its skills and abilities emerge to achieve sporting successes. Sergio Herráez, specialist in coaching sport explains the basics of this philosophy of work.

What exactly is it sports coaching?
It is a process of personal development geared towards the sports field. During this process, the coach He works to bring coachee (athletes) closer to achieving his or her goal, either individually or collectively.

What do you need to be able to do a session? coaching?
Basically, three things: the first is to generate a trusted environment, based on sincerity, competition, credibility and confidentiality. The second is that the athlete has a challenge or objective that is important for him / her to achieve. And the third is that there is the necessary commitment on the part of the athlete to carry out actions that lead him to the achievement of his objective.

What methodology does this discipline use?
We start from the belief that he coachee He is a complete person, and for this reason we position ourselves at the same level as he / she. We do not judge, nor do we value if what happens to him is good or bad, or if it is correct or incorrect. Nor do we advise, since we believe that what could be useful to us will not necessarily serve the other person and we also avoid creating a relationship of dependence. We simply try to turn off our "internal radio" and listen, look and feel what it brings to us coachee. From here, we ask questions to expand our awareness coachee towards their goals, beliefs that may be limiting them, strengths, abilities, etc. With this, we are pushing you to take the necessary actions, concrete and aligned with your values ​​to achieve the desired goal. In the coaching, it is the same person who makes decisions through the fact of reaching their own conclusions.

What are the phases in the process of? coaching?
First, make sure that the person we work with knows exactly what it is coaching and what's in it, of the session. From here, we will see what is your current situation and the ideal situation. Once these three points are clear, the next step is to ask questions to expand the awareness of the coachee, generating a space for learning and feedback. The last two points of the process would be to develop an action plan and track it.

You need to coach Do you know perfectly the field in which coachee is exercised?
No. In fact, it is often preferable that you do not know anything about it. In this way, the coach He may be more present in the session and not "contaminated" by his or her own experiences or references.

Why would you recommend following one? coaching sporty?
Perform a process of coaching It is highly recommended, because it allows optimization of performance and continuous improvement. Wherever you are, if you want to continue improving.

What's the difference between one coach sportsman and a personal trainer?
The personal trainer agrees with the athlete's goals, and according to the physical and health condition of the sports person designs a training program in order to achieve the desired goals. He coach Sports questions are intended to bring the athlete closer to their challenge. It reviews the commitment and motivations of the client, identifies possible internal conflicts, beliefs that may be limiting or putting an end to it, and makes the athlete aware of his strengths. In short, know what you want and what you need to achieve it.

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