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Pau Farriol

1 in July, 2015

Now, in summer, it is more comfortable to exercise in the pool due to the heat. If you are one of those who still have to buy a swimwear, we give you a few tips so you can choose your property and do not regret your choice.

In general, swimming swimsuits are made up of nylon threads, but we can also find different percentages of other materials such as polyamide, infitex, elastane or polyester.

There are swimsuits made with more modern materials such as Teflon, which thanks to its non-stick features minimizes water rubbing. However, it is difficult to find in the majority of swimsuits of average range by the high price that supposes its manufacture.

We also find those made with technical licra PBT. This material is the one used by the best-known brands, as it is a relatively new material that gives great results during sport practice in the aquatic environment. It is a material with very beneficial characteristics to make and create resistant swimsuits that provide optimal comfort and durability in the face of frequent use.

It can be affirmed, therefore, that the most present and most used swimwear in most sports centers are comfortable and comfortable swimsuits, manufactured with the best combination of materials for this purpose: 50% of PBT technical lick and 50% polyester .

Model fee
We can find a myriad of both male and female models. The most common female models are bikinis and swimwear with one-piece and seamless straps. The front of the chest must be well covered to prevent water from passing between the swimsuit and the skin. A swimwear up to the neck will only offer the resistance of the circle that surrounds the neck, but if it has the closure at the height of the chest, the circumference will be greater and therefore also the resistance it offers in the advanced.

Among the male swimming swimwear we can opt for classic slip models, boxer and jammer (model more elongated) or the swimwear for open water in the form of meshes that reach to the ankles. Any of these will give us a good service in the use, since the model is a mainly aesthetic fact in the case of men. In spite of this, we must be aware that the more tissue there is, the higher the price will be and the more protection it will offer against the cold.

Tips for choosing the right swimwear
Being clear about the model we want will be the time to take into consideration which materials can be the most accurate in relation to the sporting practice that you want to do. In this sense, we must talk about the types of swimsuits that are on the market to segment them into two large groups. The high-end swimsuits and the most utilitarian ones.

Currently, in the era of information and innovation there are brands that attach great importance to high-end products and performance, as they provide an image of excellence. That is why they strive to market high quality products.

There are bathrobes created with polyurethanes that show great advantages, such as high waterproofing due to the fact that they are made up of thousands of small cells closed with air, which favor the lowest density in the water and, therefore, the greater buoyancy of the body that dresses them. In addition, being very tight creates a great pressure on the body that favors that the swimmer is easier to be in a horizontal position and keep the body in a hydrodynamic position. However, it must be said that these products do not meet the needs of the people who train each day, since they do not have good value for money.

Other brands have focused on the use of technical licra PBT, which, as mentioned before, allows us to enjoy a product with a good value for money. We are talking about a very strong fiber, flexible, soft and resistant to moisture that, moreover, is easily dried. Another of its advantages is that it does not deteriorate under the effects of ultraviolet light and chlorine. In short, a material that presents very favorable characteristics for use in a water environment and at a reasonable price.

For non-professional athletes and not looking for sports performance, they should be set in the offer of brands that offer a more useful product. Materials designed to scratch a few seconds on the chronometer should not be used, unless you want to think to compete.

From our point of view, we must look for the best quality / price option, that is, to put aside the polyurethane or the polyamide (very expensive materials that significantly increase the price of the product) and orient the choice towards products that Satisfy our real needs. In short, it is good to buy a swimming swimmer that is resistant to swimming, a swimwear that makes us feel comfortable and allows us to make the movements without any problem.

Additionally, buying an adjusted size will help us retain less water from the account and thus create less resistance when it comes to moving through the water.

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Pau Farriol

Sports technician in the Can Caralleu aquatic area

Higher Degree in Physical Activity, studying Degree in Marketing and New Market Studies (UOC)

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