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22 in July, 2015

Since the beginning of the growth of sports practice in our territory and the proliferation of sports centers, both public and private, water activities have become a very important part of the offer of guided activities.

The grids have been fed with this type of class to cover the specific demand of an easily defined type of user. It has taken so much to the extreme that we have completely weakened it to meet these needs to the point of leaving in a clear second behind the very nature of these activities. We all know what are the properties of physical exercise in water (weightlessness, lack of impact, resistance to movement) and how beneficial this work is for many aspects of our body, however , this fact has focused only on a spectrum of people from 45 years, forgetting that the aquatic environment allows us to be transversal in the approach of our activities.

As a general rule, in the risk-profitability relationship, the aquatic activity offered in most sports centers is very successful, since the use of services has always been high levels and has been a clear focus of loyalty according to the sociological profile of its users. On the other hand, from a more global perspective, more than a manager, it could be considered a bold and small offer, conformist with the motto "the one that works, it is not necessary to touch it". It often happens that we are prisoners of our own decisions and this feeling is even more pronounced when the rooting of these decisions lasts in time, all in all it has been the perfect excuse to continue on the marked path.

This dynamic will surely change in the medium term. Having interpreted all the information and having observed and tested what is being done in other parts of the world that mark the path of the fitness sector, we can find that activities directed to the water have two ways to explore:

Proliferation of new activities according to new material: In order to generate expectation in other age groups, one of the bets will be differentiated through the material. In this line, we are likely to see adaptations based on the material normally used in non-water sessions, but we will also use specific water material, especially to generate a higher resistance than that provided by ordinary material used to date.

Follow-up of the general trend on training: in a relatively short period of time, the intensive periodic method has been imposed as a basic form of training derived from a new way of living physical activity, especially in a population (25-45 years) which is the trend mark. From here and with the will to offer user to a user a sporting offer with as much as possible (four-dimensional training: fitness room, directed activities, water and health), water will not escape from this reality And activities will be generated that give way to this concealed will. In addition, the environment gives us a multitude of possibilities and especially the attraction to experience a sport that perfectly matches these workouts.

From these lines, we simply have to encourage you to complement the training in water with the directed activities, the ones that will immediately begin to populate the grids all to enrich your physical capacities and become an essential pillar for the achievement of your goals.

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