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Sergi Mateu

January 7, 2016

Grit Series is one of the programs offered by the brand Les Mills, world leader in targeted classes clubs of fitness and pioneer in the creation of programs that are done at the same time in almost all the countries of the world.
High intensity intervillary training
This is a program HIIT (high intensity intervillary training) in which the exercises are carried out at intensities ranging from 75% to 100% of the maximum heart rate, that is, above the anaerobic threshold. Exercises are repeated over a period of time that oscillates between 20 '' and 1'30 '', with different levels of difficulty that can be adjusted according to the fitness level of the practitioners.
Three modalities
The Grit Series program consists of three types of training: strength (strength), cargo and plyo. Each of the three modalities emphasizes one aspect, so that in force modality more strength exercises are used with bars and discs, in that of the work one works more with the own body weight (they can also be done serve bars and discs) and in the one of plyo are looked for explosive actions like the jumps and faster movements.
The main features of the Grit Series program are that each of the three modes that compose it (force, cargo and plyo) consists of six tracks of different length in which the work of each track is specific. Thus, we can find different jobs in each of the six tracks. The first track is always warm up, where the main movements that will be performed on the successive tracks will be practiced. The last track, the sixth, is always from CORE and the other four are combined with each other and vary between the different recyclings that take place every three months. Thus, we can find from tracks with 1 structure: 2: 1, with a duration exceeding 11 minutes, up to the challenge 30 x 30, which lasts for a minute and a half, going through other types such as dropsets or series descendants (5'30 ''), the adaptations of the famous Tábata method with 20 '' exercises and 10 '' rest (3'35 '') series or the challenges facing two groups face to face.
Easy combination
Another point to note is that each of the three programs can be combined with each other, and there are two tracks that can be exchanged from one program to another. For example, four tracks of the program can be done quite a bit and put two of the other two programs, card or plyo. Thus, we can escape the rigidity of the Mills programs in which for three months the students always do the same exercises in the same order, which ends up supposing an important monotony when always repeating the same choreography. In this way, Grit coach has more maneuverability when planning sessions.
The role of the instructor
In the Grit Series program the instructor becomes a coach. The rhythm and technique of the exercises is not shown during the whole class at all times (as in the rest of the Les Mills programs), but once he has explained the following track and showed the technique, focusing on the key aspects and Of security, the work focuses on the floor coaching, which is, more so, a constant individual and group motivation in order to adapt the exercises to the intensities tolerated by the clients and try to extract the maximum from each individual, while the coach it moves throughout the space.
The physical benefits that are obtained with the Grit Series program are those specific to the HIIT programs. Among the most important are the improvement of aerobic and anaerobic systems, the activation of type I and II fibers (slow and rapid), a significant reduction in the percentage of body fat (depending on the intensity worked), one Higher production of growth hormone (direct relationship with muscle mass), increased sensitivity to insulin, increased oxygen consumption (VO2máx) and, moreover, prevents cancer ( especially breast, colon and lung). But perhaps the key aspect would be the COPD effect that means the increase of metabolism and the excess of post-exercise oxygen consumption and that can extend caloric intake until nine hours after the Grit's class has finished. This common aspect in HIIT is the main difference compared to traditional methods of training, where caloric intake is mainly focused on practice time, and not so much in the time after the training.
Like any high-intensity exercise, a medical authorization is required in cases of hypertension, obesity, diabetes and musculoskeletal disorders, and is not recommended in cases of pregnancy.
When will you come to the next session of Grit Series to start feeling better with yourself?
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