AiguaXtrem: total training in water

Gregorio Bermudo

3 February, 2016

Since last October, the clubs Claror has incorporated into our grills a new production aquatic activity that wants to break away absolutely all the links that may exist between the aquatic environment and some false myths that correspond to it.

We are responsible for changing the perception that physical activity in water "belongs" to only a very specific public type. Humbly, we have to say that the world of fitness has helped to make this concept root and this is a serious mistake that you have to write down in our duty.
High intensity water training
The AiguaXtrem is defined as a "high intensity activity done in deep or shallow pool that is inspired by the most basic movements of team sports (journeys, jumps, traction, launch ...)"; As we can see in the same definition, the keyword appears on any topic related to physical activity: INTENSITY. After all, each one of us, at the time user, has the ability to dose the efforts. Our obsession as professionals is to homogenize in such a way that activities make it difficult to escape the established levels of effort.
Methodologically, AiguaXtrem is a very interesting activity since it uses a system of training not very frequent. Everything is based on a periodic pyramidal that becomes the conductive thread of the session in each of the five exercises that configure it. In this pyramid the increases and decrements are symmetrical both in the ascending phase and in the descending phase of work time. But the key data that indicates the great demand of this activity is the density of the exercise, since the relation between work and rest periods is very high because the recovery is scarce. All in all, combined with the intensity that is demanded for each exercise, it results in a session that asks for all our benefits.
Another of the strengths is the content of the same session. Following the widespread tendency in the world of fitness, at the moment AiguaXtrem is nourished by absolutely global exercises that involve as many muscle groups as possible to increase the demand of our body. To follow this criterion there is no more productive source than team sports; by their very nature, the situations that can be given to them are endless and at the same time so open that it forces them to dispense largely with analytical training criteria.
Ideal to complete the training of the most demanding
Therefore, all those subscribers interested in enjoying an optimal physical condition in both means will have to redraw the grill of our centers the hours of AiguaXtrem and thus complete their 100% training. We are totally convinced. If you need a small push, you just need to consult one of our technicians in the fitness room or aquatic area, they will be able to convey you first hand how you can combine it to get the maximum efficiency possible to your presence at clubs.
Enjoy the activity exclusively for this activity clubs managed by Claror:

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Gregorio Bermudo

Sant Joan Despí sports management director

Bachelor's Degree in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences and Master's Degree in Economic Management of Sports Entities (UB)

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