X-FIT: Innovation, training and results in 20 minutes

Miguel Ángel Martínez

24 February, 2016

Claror, in pursuing his commitment to apply the latest advances and knowledge in the area of ​​sport and exercise, has created a new directed activity that is held in the fitness rooms. It receives the name of X-FIT and represents a new training experience, with a very ambitious goal: to help clients improve their fitness and health with only 20 minutes of investment.

We have known for some years that high-intensity training, and more specifically high-intensity intervillary training (HIIT, due to its English nomenclature, High Interval Intensity Training) has been a recognized and wide-ranging tool Acceptance among clients, since it allows for improvements in health and performance, reducing the necessary training time. Generally, the standard time of this type of program is 30 minutes.
At present, not only do we know that improvements are produced, but that they become higher than traditional training, both in healthy people and with various diseases, such as heart disease. These training programs also cause more satisfaction, and people who practice it are more likely to acquire regular training habits. The combination between reducing time, interval breaks and a higher intensity form a cocktail suitable for people who have problems following a training plan.
Is it safe?
Many people, friends, coworkers and clients ask me if this training is really safe. These doubts are reasonable and derive from the novelty in the application of these methods in the general population. This question could be answered with another: is it safe to train? To this second question, almost everyone would say yes because we know for many years, and there is a high awareness about it, that following an exercise plan is an indispensable tool for maintaining a proper state of health. But the answer is not so easy.
Exercise is safe if the dose is adequate, that is, if the duration, intensity and frequency are the ones that the client needs, if the methods indicated are used and if the means used respond to the objective set. In this way, high-intensity training is as safe or harmful as traditional training. It is necessary, however, for a professional to analyze the needs, make a prescription adapted to the possibilities of each person and schedule the necessary follow-up.
So, high intensity training is safe? Yes, as long as there is a professional behind you to ensure that it is.
What does it bring?
But what does the X-FIT bring? Touch now to refocus the purpose of these lines and explain what the X-FIT really is. High intensity intervill training are 30 series according to the maximum intensity possible. What has led to the standardization of this concept? Well, untrained or inexperienced people in this type of training were injured with some ease and had recovery problems in subsequent days, which caused many times to abandon them.
We now know that you do not have to expose the body to such a high demand, and that with work intervals of 20, 15 or even 8 according to that they achieve very significant improvements in health, very similar, or even higher than with the longest traditional workouts.
Some should remember that ten or fifteen years ago it was widely accepted that "to begin to burn fat" 30 or 45 continuous exercise minutes were necessary at a moderate intensity. Now there is already enough evidence that much shorter workouts, 30 minutes or even less, have higher effects.
In this way, the X-FIT supposes the application of the last knowledge and discoveries in matter of high intensity. We could say it is 2.0's high-intensity training.
That is?
With the X-FIT we propose that you train in small groups of 5 or 6 people, in the fitness rooms, with a duration of 20 minutes. Training stimuli are short, at most 30, but the most frequent is that they are from 15 or 20. You will make global movements that will allow you to train the whole body.
Great progress in a short time
With X-FIT training your body will change out faster than with the training you've done so far, but the most important thing is that it changes inside from the first session. Your heart, circulation, musculature and respiratory system will begin to work differently in the molecular plane, and will increase your protection against illnesses.
There is, however, a condition: it must be done to the maximum intensity, and at this point we need your help. You will have to do the training at maximum power, but the stimuli are short, the appropriate breaks, and the movements properly selected so that it is completely safe for you.
Claror continues to focus on the most avant-garde, attractive and safe services for its clients. Now you have created the X-FIT, a high intensity training adapted for athletes like you, who seek to improve day by day, but without risk of injury. We have read, researched and talked with the most renowned experts to design this new proposal: group training, in the fitness room and with only 20 minutes of investment that will produce the same effects that you have achieved in 60 minutes. Do you like
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Miguel Ángel Martínez

Master in Physiology. Bachelor's Degree in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences. Superior Technician in Animation of Physical-Sports Activities

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