Get out on the bike with your children!

4 May, 2016

The good weather is coming! And there is nothing better than enjoying these days as a family doing physical activity! What are you waiting for? Grab your bikes and go out with the whole family on the adventure! Come on!

Cycling is an exercise for all audiences. You can reach a high level, or simply get the pleasure of enjoying as a family doing activity in moderation and having a good time together.
Riding a bike is setting us in motion, activating us, giving us a sense of well-being and, above all, freedom.
Doing physical activity as a family is one of the best hobbies we can pass on to our children. Sharing with them the thrill of enjoying a day on wheels is a perfect plan for the weekend. Rest assured that they will appreciate it and will always remember those moments lived together.
To do this activity with our children it is recommended to use bike lanes, greenways or natural spaces, for safety and comfort. Whenever you can ride on greenways and natural spaces much better because you will be in touch with nature and reap more benefits from your family outing.
What must be taken into account?
Equipment: The first thing we need to do is equip ourselves well. Of course we need bicycles, and let everyone have their own size. Children's chair if you bring small children who can't pedal alone, helmets for everyone and think about carrying a puncture repair kit, if we suffer one ... that doesn't crush our family day!
Tour: Design a flat route, especially if you are not initiated, so that your children do not find it difficult to get out and have a better time. Go through paths where there is shade, important not to blame the heat. Think of points where there is a source to stop drinking water and also bring drums to the bike with water or a bottle in your backpack.
We must also have located a point on the route where we can stop to rest for a while, or where to stop to alternate our bike ride with a while of games with the children. You can even think about carrying a picnic in your backpack and stopping for a while to eat and rest before continuing your route.
What benefits will riding a bike bring us?
- Pedaling is a cardiovascular exercise. With one hour of bike per day we can burn some 500 Kcal. It is one of the best activities to burn fat and fight against cholesterol.
- Riding a bike tones the muscles of the legs, and therefore we will strengthen our knees without them suffering so much as there is no impact.
- We reduce stress with exercise.
- The immune system will also notice the benefits as it strengthens the defense system.
That said ... what are you waiting for to grab the bikes? Enjoy the bike and your family moments a little more !! Here we go!!!

Author: Carlos Argüello

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