Follow the rhythm with the Sh'bam de Les Mills!

Rocío Celaya

8 in June, 2016

Sh'bam It is one of the new activities of Les Mills of which you can already enjoy them clubs of the Claror group. It is a dance program that combines simple and sex movements to the rhythm of current music, dance, modern Latin and versions of great musical successes.
It is a perfect workout to get in shape and take away the artist we all have inside. It does not matter your level of physical fitness or that you have never danced or that you think that dancing is not one of your innate qualities. Everyone can do a Sh'bam class. You just have to follow your instructor, which will make you dance a basic choreography in which you will first learn the steps, then you will put a little more intensity and, finally, you will dance with all your energies. Try a class and you will feel that you are exercising in addition to having fun and improving your fitness level.
How is a Sh'bam class?
A Sh'bam class lasts 45 minutes and consists of 12 tracks or different tracks. Each track has its choreography and style: jazz, funky, hip-hop, Latin and disco.
The first track will be used to warm the body with basic movements.
From the second track to the eleventh we will combine different and fun dances with the best musical achievements of the past and the present. The tracks are designed in a special way and very well thought out to combine high-intensity choreographies and recovery phases, as well as having opportunities to perfect the movements. Time will be flying and we will reach the twelfth track, where you will recover your pulsations with original stretch marks.
In order to avoid routine, the class is renewed every three months with new, vibrant, unique and varied music and choreography.
The benefits of Sh'bam
You will improve cardiovascular resistance thanks to the benefits of interval training. Your continued practice allows you to control the levels of sugar, cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood.
You will burn fats without making a very intense workout. In one session you can lose between 400 and 500 calories thanks to aerobic exercise.
You will tone and shape the body.
You will improve coordination.
You will develop the ability to express.
You will exercise in a fun way.
You will be disconnected from everything and will let you go out of the class with renewed energy.
So if you have not tried a Sh'bam class, you just have to look at the grid clubs of the Claror group and that you prepare to enjoy it.
Sh'bam a Claror Sardenya
Sh'bam a Claror Cartagena
Sh'bam to Claror Marítim
Sh'bam to the Sporting of Llinars
It wears comfortable clothes, sport shoes, a bottle of water and a towel. Sh'bam is a party with options for everyone. Get free and come to our classes!

the author

Rocío Celaya

Instructor of activities directed at the Claror Marítim

Bachelor of Dance Pedagogy at the Institute of Theater of the Diputació de Barcelona, ​​Certified in Zumba, Certified in the programs of LesMIlls of Bodybalance and Sh'bam

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