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Sara Egea

14 September, 2016

By the hand of the recognized international franchise Les Mills, and within the full range of activities you already enjoy clubs brightness, now comes the BODYVIVE, a new training program that you can paste from October.

BODYVIVE is a low impact and variable intensity training program with which you work the whole body very effectively. The particularity with respect to other programs at Les Mills is based on the combination of aerobic work with exercises aimed at strengthening the CORE (if this is the first time you feel the CORE concept, do not worry, keep reading, we'll tell you later) . So, we are talking about a complete training system and, therefore, with numerous and varied benefits.
That is?
A class of BODYVIVE lasts between 45 and 60 minutes, approximately, and develops at the rhythm
of a dynamic and motivating music that also marks the rhythm of the training.
They are simple exercises that are made with different materials and the body itself. All this provides the facility to adjust the intensity according to the possibilities of each person.
This simplicity and simplicity of movements makes BODYVIVE a very accessible class for anyone who wants to practice without the need to follow complicated choreography or exercises that require a long learning process. It is a perfect alternative for those who seek to strengthen and shape the body but who does not feel motivated either for classes with choreography or for bodybuilding sessions.
Regarding its structure, BODYVIVE is presented in 9 tracks. After an initial warming based on simple aerobic exercises and joint mobility, the session consists mainly of two blocks: an aerobic or cardiovascular work block, whose intensity will increase until reaching its maximum point on the 5 track, and a second "functional" work block, in which we will find combined exercises made with rubber, all designed to work the muscles of the CORE in an integrated way. Finally, and as a return to calm, an active recovery is made, with stretching and exercises typical of yoga or tai-chi.
Sounds good, right? Well, wait to hear the benefits it has.
With BODYVIVE you can improve your level of fitness and health and, therefore, your overall well-being. You will tone the entire body, help you increase muscle strength and strength, you will gain agility, coordination in the movements, balance and stability of the CORE.
The regular practice of BODYVIVE can also be an ally to lose weight, since you can consume 550 calories in one session.
BODYVIVE will provide, of course, all the important benefits of cardiovascular exercise, which include a lower risk of cardiovascular disease. In spite of this, this time we will focus more on the two aspects that make this activity different and interesting, because they may be more unknown, and that we have already enumerated at the beginning of this article: the benefits of the training of CORE and the low impact
What is CORE? What are the benefits of this training?
The word CORE comes from English and means 'center, core'. CORE is not a concept that we can find as such in the books of anatomy, but is used to refer to the muscular and osteoarticular structures of the central part of the body, especially the lumbodorsal spinal cord, the pelvis and the hips, and that participate together in the maintenance of the stability of the trunk and in the generation and transfer of forces from the central part of the body to the extremities (Kibler et al., 2006).
Explained in a simpler way, the CORE would be the set of muscles in the central part of your body that are key to stabilize the column, maintain a good position and make movements in a correct and efficient manner with the least risk of injury.
All the movements you do, both when you train and your everyday activities, are born from the central part of the body. Therefore, a good training of all these muscles is of great importance when it comes to improving physical performance, health and preventing injuries, since when all the structures that make up the CORE function properly in an integrated way, It achieves an optimum distribution of the forces with a minimum compressive load for your column.
There are already several studies that point to the importance of achieving a good stability of this central part of the body as one of the key factors for the prevention and treatment of low back pain syndrome, as well as a key factor in preventing injuries in the lower limbs.
So, the main benefits of having a strong middle zone (CORE) will mean an improvement in your physical performance (and not just as an athlete), you will gain strength in the whole body (not only in this central part), it will facilitate you An improvement in the position and, most importantly, will help you in the prevention of injuries and you will have more quality of life, free of possible pain and discomfort in the lower back.
Finally, we would like to talk about another of the advantages that should be highlighted by BODYVIVE, and it is the low impact. And it is because, being a training in which there is practically no impact on the joint, it is ideal if you start with physical activity or if you are suffering from a recent injury and want to get in shape progressively, or if you have excess You need weight and burn calories without overloading the joints.
After all we've told you ... what are you saying? Do you try to prove it? We are sure you will repeat, and you will leave the class of BODYVIVE with the renewed energy!
Enjoy this activity in them clubs of the Claror group
Claror Cartagena
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the author

Sara Egea

Fitness technician Claror Cartagena

Diploma in Social Work (UB), Training of Fitness Technician and Personal Trainer, accredited in the Register of Professionals of Sport, Chiromassage

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