Get active in the water with Aiguazumba!

Cristian González | Rocío Celaya

5 October, 2016

Aiguazumba is an aquatic activity with easy-to-learn choreographies, to the rhythm of Latin music, in which everyone moves and enjoys. It is currently one of the fashion trends in terms of water fitness.

What dynamics, duration and intensity does a session of Aiguazumba have?
A session of aiguazumba lasts for 30 or 45 minutes. It consists of a warming, a workout and a relaxation, all with choreography.
What muscles are working with this activity?
In this activity all the muscles work. Moving against the multidirectional water resistance makes us work all the muscles and helps to promote muscle balance.
What benefits does it bring?
Some of the benefits it brings are: Increased kinesthetic awareness, heart work, improved neuromuscular reactivity, improved use of adipose tissue due to aerobic physical activity, increased pulmonary capacity, maintenance or increased density bone and elasticity, improved performance and movement intensity as the participant learns how to work in the water with security, concentration and strength.
For which group of people is recommended?
Adults with or without physical condition, people who are recovering from osteoarticular injuries or chronic conditions, pregnant women, people overweight or obese, everyone who wants to perform a full exercise.
Clubs of the Claror group where you can enjoy Aiguazumba
Claror Sardenya
Claror Cartagena
Claror Marítim
Can Caralleu
Technical advice: Rocío Celeya
Assembly and Video: Enchilada Films
Production: Judit Torres
Screenplay: Cristian González

the authors

Cristian González

Graduate in Journalism (UPF), Graduate in Contemporary History (UB), Master in Business Communication Specialization in Digital Technologies (UPF).

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Rocío Celaya

Instructor of activities directed at the Claror Marítim

Bachelor of Dance Pedagogy at the Institute of Theater of the Diputació de Barcelona, ​​Certified in Zumba, Certified in the programs of LesMIlls of Bodybalance and Sh'bam

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