Aquadynamic: Tonify yourself, improve strength and increase resistance

Judit Torres

26 October, 2016

The aquatic fitness is being renewed in recent years. As a result of this tendency, the Aquadynamic appears, an activity to improve the general physical condition using the advantages offered by the aquatic environment to perform some movements.

Benefits of the Aquadynamic
• This dynamic in the water will change the body and mind.
• Maintains and increases the level of mobility decreasing and preventing joint pain.
• Improve muscular tone and shape your silhouette.
• Cream body fat and reduces fluid retention.
• Relax the whole body thanks to its hydromassage effect.
• Stimulates blood circulation and improves cardiorespiratory capacity.
• It is a very fun group experience.

Dynamics of an Aquadynamic session
You will discover the basic movements to enter heat and gradually increase your breathing and your heart rate.
Lower train
You will strengthen the joints and muscles of the lower train, especially glutes and hamstrings. These muscles demand a lot of energy, so you will burn lots of calories.
Cardio fun
You will continue to burn fat while having fun scrolling and turning. You will improve your stability, balance and coordination in the water.
Superior train
Cardio-respiratory recovery. In that track work will focus on the chest, shoulders and back to define them and improve their appearance, and prevent cervical and back pain.
Adductors and hips
We will begin again with strength to reach the second cardiovascular peak in the 3 tracks next. You will work specifically on the lateral area of ​​the legs and buttocks.
Cardio Boxing
You will perform movements inspired by martial arts such as boxing and karate. It is an original way to improve endurance, muscle tone, coordination and speed while you experience the benefits of water massage, you have fun and eliminate stress.

Abs and waist
You will do exercises lateral and rotation (upper and lower train) to strengthen and strengthen your lower back and abdominal area. You will achieve a flat stomach to strengthen core and postural muscles.

Arms and forearms
Training to improve the muscular resistance of the biceps and triceps and to maintain the mobility of the fingers and wrists.
Stretching and recovery
You will relax and relax by stretching the main joints and muscle groups. You will perform breathing techniques to achieve good oxygenation of the body.
Enjoy Aquadynamic in these clubs managed by the Claror group
Technical advice: Marc Rovira
Assembly and Video: Enchilada Films
Production: Judit Torres

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Judit Torres

Executive of accounts of communication, image and marketing of the Claror Sardenya

Graduate in Advertising and Public Relations (UAB), Senior Technician in Audiovisual and Multimedia Production (EMAV)

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