Train with your own body weight!

Xavi Royo

28 November, 2016

Training with your own body weight is, in fact, the first form of training for all time. That's where the workouts started. It is primarily based on strengthening the muscles of the entire body by means of the muscular resistance of the body that is exercised with gravity.

Like any physical or muscular training, the key is with the consistency of the exercises and the series of work we do to obtain better results, both in the short and long term.
One of its main benefits is that it is not a monotonous training, that is, it constantly varies and we can do it in any space. Instead, weight training, for those who start practicing sports, is usually more boring.
This type of training has a very broad fan of age. It can be applied in adolescents because it is not a weighing job, which can affect their physical development, as well as elderly people. It is a type of training indicated for people who want to start practicing physical activity, both in the muscular plane and in the cardiovascular. Weight loss can also be achieved with a specific type of exercise table.
The most important of this type of training, and as in the rest of the areas of sport, is to have a dynamic training set that is progressive with the exercises and adapted to the abilities of each person. This way we can go by visualizing the progress that are made and we will be able to see an improvement with the training.
This type of training is one of those that has evolved more quickly over the last few years. During this time of evolution, new training systems have emerged with the body itself, such as the Crossfit or the TRX (suspension training).
How to start in this type of training
Training with your own body must be done gradually and begin with a series of exercises that are acceptable for muscles. More in the case of a sedentary person, there is no risk of suffering from muscle injuries or workloads.
To start with this type of training, a very basic routine should be done, which could be a pair of squats (flexion of the legs), push-ups and push-ups with a bar. And if what we want is to lose weight, what we can add are table exercises, that is, isometric exercises, lunges ... In all the exercises the weight of the body itself is what will offer us difficulty when doing the exercises Exercises and help us achieve the goal set. All isometric exercise that we can do with this type of training will help us to consume calories.
This type of training is short-lived, we can do a good workout with just 20 minutes of session.
Running a good workout with your own body weight will help us improve both from a physical and a muscular point of view, and it opens our minds to be able to do a great deal of exercises, but always under the supervision of a professional.

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