We explain the benefits of keeping pace with the elderly

Shy inness

7 of December, 2016

During the last years more and more senior people have been incorporated into the practice of physical activity, whether in a sports center, a mansion, a civic center, etc. Of course, it must be well-guided by a professional in the sector.

There are many reasons why a person decides to exercise at this stage of life. In many cases it may be due to a preventive or therapeutic medical issue. Others may be to fill free hours or socialize. But they all have in common the many benefits that they derive from maintaining the rhythm.
What are these benefits? In order to achieve them, it is necessary to adapt the exercise and, therefore, the intensity of work in our physical conditions; also due to having or not previous experience in the activity, suffering from pathologies, etc. Once we are working in an optimal way, the benefits we will have are the following:
Improvement of cardiorespiratory functions.
Muscle strengthening, which helps us in the prevention of falls and improves the functionality of the person.
Improvement of bone health.
Pain reduction associated with age, especially musculoskeletal.
Improvement of self-esteem.
Social cohesion and integration within a group.
The recommended activities are very diverse. In a sports center, individual work in a fitness room can help improve physical conditions, and group work will lead to the integration and improvement of social relationships. In both ways, work must be attractive, recreational and cause the desired effects to be able to continue exercising.

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Shy inness

Responsible for the physical conditioning area of Claror Sardenya

Degree in Physical Education (INEF)

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