La Gatoneta, an exercise to keep you young

Judit Torres | Xavi Royo

2 May, 2019

If you already have an age, in this video we tell you three squat exercises or squatting You will be very useful when it comes to keeping you active and enjoying a good quality of life for a maximum of years.

Exercise 1 - Average distance squat
We will place the legs at hip width and flex the knees to reach the 90 degrees, always alert that the knee does not exceed the toes with an imaginary line. That is why we have to take our ass back as if we were going to sit in a chair and with the back straight.
Exercise 2 - Slot medium distance with press
As in 1 exercise but when we go up we will make an extension up with the arms. What we do is increase with a diacetic or keetlebell our body weight to give a little more intensity to the exercise.
Exercise 3 - Side alternator cuff
Starting from the initial straight position with legs together, first make a left squat to the left without moving the right leg and then the same but on the contrary.

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Judit Torres

Executive of accounts of communication, image and marketing of the Claror Sardenya

Graduate in Advertising and Public Relations (UAB), Senior Technician in Audiovisual and Multimedia Production (EMAV)

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