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Guillem Montagut

22 February, 2017

One of the great sporting purposes of the population is to start running and doing it safely. This article is a starting point to help you improve physical fitness, get fit, lose weight, reduce stress and improve quality of life, and who knows if it can become the necessary springboard if you want to intensify the levels of training.

The key to the issue to get you started will be with the certainty. There are no shortcuts. When we propose a challenge or start with something new in our lives, we all want to see progress too fast, but sometimes we need to know that things take their time and that it is better to see progress, little by little and effectively . The body of a sedentary person needs a body adaptation process, and this is only achieved with small initial doses accompanied by method and certain discipline.
Previous medical check-up
The first advice before starting a physical activity of a certain intensity is to go to sports professionals and also to pass the corresponding medical check-up. A medico-sports assessment is necessary if you have more than 30 years, smokers or ex-smokers or you suffer from injury, illness, obesity, etc. There are many medical centers specializing in sports medical examinations for starters that include electrocardiogram, clinical history, cardiorespiratory, anthropometric and basic stress tests.
How to start
If your workouts are based on making great efforts, the only thing you will achieve is total fatigue and end up so bad that you will not be able to run out in subsequent days. The purpose is to advance effectively and obtain fast, non-immediate results. The ideal in a good plan of initiation is not fatigue and end up exhausting one day a week, but learn to distribute small training throughout this. It is important to start, for example, combining trotting sessions with a light step, in this way the body will adapt for the first few days.
Rest is paramount
As in any sport discipline, training is of course that is essential, but rest, if possible, is even more so. If you are starting to take your first steps, you should know that there are days of training and rest days. Running out every day, to try to move too fast, you will only generate continuous fatigue for uninterrupted effort. The human body in general, and the musculature in particular, is nourished by rest to renew it and put it back to one hundred percent; If this cycle is broken, there will be no results.
Short sessions to start
At the beginning, the training sessions themselves should not be too long, so it is normal that even during this initial stage the time you devise to warm up and stretch may be higher than what you are destined to run, some 10 or 15 minutes. But calm, this is the most logical and normal. If despite having correctly heated pain notes at the time of running, you must stop immediately; Remember that you should not force your body more than you need.
The ideal theory in the respiration of a runner is to inhale the nose and release the air through the mouth, but do not forget that you are beginning, so during this stage of initiation and until you are consolidating With the practice and the race technique, it is advisable that you breathe in a way that gives you comfort, that is, so you do not get tired and be able to control the heart rate.
Change route to get away from boredom
Change your routes. Although it seems that it is not important, the motivation in the sport is everything, and alternating the environments where you run you will manage not to fall into boredom and monotony. It may seem unnecessary, but you need to change your training route at least once a week; At the beginning, and until you are acquiring a certain level of competitiveness, the change of environment will benefit you very positively.
Recommended material
Running is a simple sport that does not require a great deal of expense in technical products, although it is advisable to obtain a minimum material. Before throwing yourself compulsively to buy material, it is necessary. Do not forget that the goal is to start running and be able to do it for a long time. Running shoes are the essential element for the corridor. A good choice will give you protection, injury prevention and comfort. The choice of running shoes should be done according to multiple factors: type of footprint, rhythms that you wear, weight, uses, biomechanics, muscle imbalances, types of terrain where you train, drop of the shoe, need cushioning and correction, budget, etc.
The socks are very important, since they are the first elements that are in contact with your foot, and its purpose is a good fit, seamless, that gives you a good absorption of moisture and sweat of the feet, so that they do not slip and thus avoid the appearance of fearsome blisters.
Short pants or knitwear should be comfortable, lightweight, that fit well at the waist and with the ability to absorb sweat. When the weather is colder, it is advisable to use meshes to maintain a higher comfort and thus reduce the risk of injury.
And the shirt should not be too tight or too tight. During the winter, you can choose the use of thermal t-shirts, gloves and rain repellent windbreaks. In the case of women, it is important to use sports support that fits perfectly without becoming uncomfortable.

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