Exercises to lose weight, gain strength and reduce abdomen

Cristian González | Mariona Otero

1 in March, 2017

Sometimes we do exercises that are not the most appropriate to achieve the goals that we mark. In this video the Mariona Otero de Claror Marítim Explains ideal exercises for three specific goals: losing weight, gaining strength and reducing the abdomen.

Exercise wrong 1: Walk to the tape or bicycle at a very gentle rate to lose fat
CORRECTION: If you want to lose weight and reduce the percentage of body fat you have to do the cardiovascular exercises intensely. Instead of spending a lot of time at a gentle pace, change your rhythm every so often. For example, combine 1 minute more intense at a rate that can not hold 15 according to more, and retrieves between 1 and 4 minutes at a smooth pace. Exercise must last between 15 and 20 minutes.
Exercise Wrong 2: Perform strength exercises with excessively low weights to gain strength
CORRECTION: If you want to gain strength you work with loads that make your muscle an important effort. If you can move more than 15 times the time has come to increase it. At first you can make 15-20 repetitions series to adapt the joints to the later work, but once this initial adaptation period has passed, it will touch the load. Make series of between 10 and 15 reps with an intensity that you can not reach 20. As you see, once again, intensity is the key factor in gaining strength.
Exercise Wrong 3: Work your abs with the goal of losing your belly
CORRECTION: If you proposed to lose belly and lower body fat, there is no abdominal exercise that reduces abdominal fat. This is achieved via metabolic pathway, with a negative caloric balance. That is, burning more calories than you eat during the day. With the exercise of strength and cardiovascular we increase energy expenditure and accelerate our metabolism, which is the rhythm of the body burning calories, but it is with the diet that we have to get less calories than we have burned.
Here you are 3 exercises that will help you to strengthen and contain the abdominal perimeter, but they will not make you lose the fat located in your abdomen:
- Crunch Abdominal "do it by pressing the navel inside when you force. You will activate your transverse and will help you to create abdominal band and abdominal tightness "
- Iron. Very heavy resting exercise in the abdomen
- Specific work with rubbers

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