Ideas for making a fun and healthy meal in your children's party!

Emma Esteba

22 in March, 2017

Recent studies indicate that the prevalence of obesity and overweight in children between six and nine years is 41.3% (18.1% and 23.2% respectively). The main causes are the sedentary lifestyle and move away from our Mediterranean diet. In addition, overweight in children and adolescents causes diseases such as diabetes and hypertension to appear frequently among young people. That is why it is very important to take care of the nutrition of the youngest of the house.

Table health is not renegade with fun and good nutrition is not synonymous with boring, monotonous, tasteless and unattractive, on the contrary!
When we think about preparing and choosing menus or dishes for children's celebrations, they often end up buying the same types of food (snacks, potatoes chips, candies and candies, industrial brioche ...). It does not mean that they do not have to be, but it is also not advisable for the whole table to be full of these types of products and products.
If we start from the basis that all the parents are concerned about the feeding of our children, why should we associate a party with having to eat according to what type of food and products? With some imagination, it is possible to make a meal that is the envy of all the holidays! Care in the presentation is often the key to success ...
What can we mostly serve in the table?
Bread for example, you can choose to choose different sizes, shapes or flavors. You can choose breads of cereals, pipes and nuts or other seeds, round, elongate or square. One of the most common breads of the children's parties is usually mold bread, so giving different shapes (with pastry molds) we can get some original snacks!
Including fruit can be, apart from interesting, very refreshing! We can make smoothies, skewers and garnish pieces of fruit with different fun motifs.
Soft drinks
Sugars can be substituted for homemade lemonade, fruit juices and fresh water
If there is a cake for the host, I invite you to do it at home or buy it in the oven of confidence ...
More tips
You do not need to avoid any product like chocolate or different salty snacks. Yes, it would be healthy not to occupy the whole meal!
However, it is advisable to know if there is any diner you have any allergy or intolerance in order to foresee the menu to choose from!

the author

Emma Esteba

Nutritionist of the Claror Cartagena

Diploma in Diethics and Human Nutrition (UB), Postgraduate Diploma in Obesity, Postgraduate Diploma in Phytotherapy

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