Use the spa after doing sports

Cristian González | Sergi Martinez

5 April, 2017

Today we tell you about passive recovery measures you can do in the spa area of ​​your club after doing sports. You will be very effective at downloading and preventing injuries. For any doubt, remember that you can talk to your fitness technician.

If you want to decrease the muscular tone and deactivate the body pain, make a session of sauna at room temperature between 80 and 90 degrees to increase blood circulation. In addition, you will eliminate liquids and toxins through sweating and clean the airways.
It is advisable to do 1 or 2 strokes per week and 48 hours before the competition or strong training. Hydrate well before, during and after each session.
Another thing you can do is a hydromassage bath that is very appropriate for periods of crackling. With this you will achieve muscle relaxation, neurological deactivation, increased blood circulation and decreased muscle tone.
It is advisable to do 2 hits per week and 48 hours before the competition or strong training. The bathroom must last about 15 minutes.
Cold bath
Another very appropriate measure to reduce pain, contractures or crunchiness is a very cold water bath with or without gel. In this way you will activate the blood circulation and you will achieve muscle relaxation and sedation. The more ice and the more cold the water is, the greater the sedation and the anti-inflammatory effect you will get on the sore area.
It is advisable to do so after a strong training or have participated in a competition. The duration of the immersion of the sore area must be between 3 and 8 minutes.
Contrast bath
If you want to achieve circulatory drainage and muscle relaxation for those days when you have the feeling of heavy legs it is very positive to alternate baths between hot water and cold water at intervals of 3 minutes in hot water and 1 minute in cold water . You must repeat 3 hits.

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