Do not run anymore, run better

Marc Gispert

12 April, 2017

We are currently living the so-called "runner fever", where popular careers have invaded our territory and there are more and more people who are proposing to finish them, following a prototype of healthy lifestyle that includes sport as a main tool Now, keep in mind how we enter into the runner activity.

It must be taken into account that "a healthy lifestyle," includes many more aspects than the intrinsically sports one. In this section, as important aspects to include, we would have a good nutrition, correct rest, sociability with family and friends ... and a long etc. Where sport is included but not forgetting that it is not the only tool.
With this story, what I want to see is the importance of the process of achieving this healthy lifestyle and not just the fact of marking a goal (sport, popular race) and obsessing without taking into account the other aspects.
Flee from obsessions
If you look at the popular running of the game, we see that there is an obsession to make popular races without prioritizing one more than others or planning certain goals for the season. In this way, they always compete equally, bringing the body to the limit and without achieving a clear improvement in performance as the body accumulates fatigue week after week and always competes and trains at the same pace.
Better quality than quantity
Hence the importance of the title of this article "do not run more, run better", which means that by doing more than one mile in training or more races per week, it will not give you a better performance physiologically as a corridor. The new scientific studies and the new tendencies of the training for resistance sports are focused on the improvement of the "quality" (intensity) of the training to the detriment of the "quantity" (volume, km).
In this quality, not only is the work of intensity included, such as the series at a more anaerobic rate, but also the specific work force in your fitness center, which allows you to do the cycle of the march with More technical precision and no energy-free annexe so you can work more efficiently and at the same time, it allows you to strengthen the joints and prepare them to withstand long periods of microtraumatisms caused by repetitive impact when running.
In addition, this work of force is essential to prevent injuries and in this way optimize your workout time.
With all this, what we want to emphasize is that if you are a runner and want to maintain a healthy lifestyle improving your performance, it begins to abandon the erroneous conception that not to do more, it is better. Let yourself be advised by the professionals and technicians of your fitness club about the different quality works that you can introduce to the training to gain in performance and quality of life.

the author

Marc Gispert

Water aquatic technician Claror Sardenya

Graduate in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences, Postgraduate in Sports Physiotherapy and Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics.

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