The utility of sleeping and resting properly

Marta Domingo

13 May, 2020

Our body and our health need physical activity. It is well known that regular physical activity adapted to each person is essential in a good quality of life. But it is not so well known that as important as physical activity is subsequent rest and proper recovery.

Professionals who work in sports centers know that many injuries and pathologies occur to go beyond the limits of one’s own body, not recover properly and not having healthy habits. It is the "overtraining syndrome", the result of not properly planning physical preparation and recovery.
Physical activity causes both general and muscular wear and tear that requires periods of recovery that allow you to improve your fitness and overcome the previous level. It is the beneficial effect of allowing the muscles to rest.
The effects of training occur during the rest after an activity
There are two types of recovery. The immediate and the late. The first is right after the effort and combines gentle physical activity, stretching, hydration and carbohydrate refilling. Late recovery requires abundant hydration during the day, a balanced diet with fruits and vegetables, massages and rest.
These recovery processes must take into account the type of activity, the weather and the age and physical condition of each individual, but as a general rule we say that a resistance effort requires 24-48 hours of rest, strength 48-72 hours and less than 10 hours for flexibility activity.
A correct recovery allows an effective chaining of the trainings, an improvement in the results, prevention of injuries and infections and above all to maintain the motivation.
If these guidelines are observed regularly, with good training planning with the help of specialized professionals, and without exceeding personal abilities, physical activity has only beneficial effects.
If you don’t rest when it plays, you won’t give up
Failure to do so, on the other hand, ends up harming performance and sometimes quality of life. When this pathology is detected, the affected person, and always with medical advice, must modify their habits, reduce or eliminate training, reorganize and improve their rest as well as food and sleep hours.
We are talking about physical activity that is done to enjoy and gain quality of life. You need to know how to train, rest and treat your body properly. Simple but very effective measures that will guarantee the maximum use and improvement of the general physical condition.

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Marta Domingo

Sports coach of Can Caralleu

Superior Technician of Physical and Sports Activities

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