The ideal swimming school for your children

Judit Torres

17 May, 2017

Today we tell you how educational swimming in Can Caralleu is structured. The main objective of this educational activity is the integral development but not only at the physical level of all the students, but on an attitude level and cognitive level.
The programs are linked to the Physical Education area of ​​the educational centers taking into account the physical education school curriculum established in each one of the ages.
The schedules are also structured with programming units. The most important thing to carry out this activity is the approach at the level of methodology.
It is a methodology aimed at creating the taste for activity, relying on its possibilities, decentralizing the whole attention of mechanization and repetition, and also thinking about learning from an educational point of view where the Students engage in learning processes.
The activities proposed have a recreational character, they are diverse and with varying material, favor teamwork, cooperation, respect, etc., move away from repetitive behavior and emphasize the game as a methodological resource.
It should be aware of the age group and flexibility, so that each child develops the activity according to their possibilities.

Presentation and technical advice: Gemma Xufré
Production: Judit Torres

Assembly and Video: Enchilada Films

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Judit Torres

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