Interview with Gemma Sevillano, blind triathlete

Judit Torres

21 in June, 2017

Gemma Sevillano is an invisible triathlete and an example of personal improvement. He started swimming at a very young age, a discipline in which he competed representing the Claror Masters. Little by little, the bar has climbed to devote himself to body and soul to participate in triathlons. In this interview he explains his most immediate challenges.

Gemma tells us in this interview what has been her career over the years and how she decided to compete in triathlons.

Production: Judit Torres
Assembly and Video: Enchilada Films

the author

Judit Torres

Executive of accounts of communication, image and marketing of the Claror Sardenya

Graduate in Advertising and Public Relations (UAB), Senior Technician in Audiovisual and Multimedia Production (EMAV)

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