Incorporate the Foam Roller to your training

Cristian González | Irati Azkargorta

29 in June, 2017

La Irati, physiotherapist of Claror Marítim, explains a few exercises you can do with Foam Roller to help you complete your workout and give you a lot of benefits.

Hello, today we will explain the technique of the Foam Roller that is used both in the sports field and therapeutic. For example, runners use it as a post-training recovery method

The main objective is myofascial self-isolation. It is a self-massage to take off the different layers of the muscles. We locate overloaded areas, and with the help of the body's own weight and movement, we will press and slip on the foam.
In the video you will see exercise to work on these muscle groups:
o Twins
o Quadriceps
o Glutis
o Trapezi
Benefits it brings
o Improvement of blood circulation in the areas worked
o Helps to correct mobility problems caused by shortening of muscles, ligaments and tendons
o Relaxs the muscle and decreases the contractures
o Myofascial self-relaxation
o Assistance to post-training recovery
- It should be taken into account that it can not be applied to injured areas in the acute phase or on bony surfaces.
- It is not recommended for people with circulatory problems.
- It should not be painful. The intensity depends on the applied pressure and the amount of times the foam roller passes.
In the first sessions it is recommended to do it guided by a trained person. Ask our room technicians for advice.

Presentation and Technical Advice: Irati Azkargorta
Production: Cristian González

Assembly and Video: Enchilada Films

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