Dare with the Indoor Walking!

Marc Moya

5 in July, 2017

If you're the one who likes spining but want to try an activity that gives you similar feelings for your aerobic training, you have to try the Indoor Walking. You will train the whole body in an elliptical to the rhythm of the most current music.

"Welcome to Club Claror". For all those who do not know this activity, this is indoor walking. I hope you are willing to have a good time surrounded by good music and a lot of sport! Ready 3 ... 2 ... 1 .... "This starts with one of the newest cardio activities we have in the Claror centers. It appeared as an alternative to spinning due to the high influx of people there And from the first day it had a very good reaction in all kinds of public. Despite being a very young activity in the sector, it is having a great success.

Aerobic work
It is a directed activity that lasts 45 minutes, in which, thanks to an elliptical, the aerobic capacity is worked, that is, the resistance of our body. Their benefits are: improving aerobic capacity, burning calories (400-500 per class), loss of body fat and increased muscle weight. The space where the activity is carried out is one of the keys to the good functioning of classes but, above all, the music that sounds. Standing and constantly moving both arms and legs, it makes Latin rhythms and commercial pop the best heard in the room, where it is almost an obligation to sing and also dance while exercising. It's one of the funniest and most exciting moments in the class.
An experience
This excitement and desire to have fun while doing sport is an experience that is experienced class-by-class practically from the first day, now it's been almost 3 years. Everyone who has come once again and as technical as partners find indoor meeting a meeting point. An activity that showed us that spinning is not the only cardio-directed activity and that with an elliptical, good music, attitude and desire you can make a pleasant and distracted class. The indoor walking came to stay at Claror Clubs to give new air to the directed classes.

the author

Marc Moya

Fitness technician and personal trainer

Higher Level of Physical-Recreational Activities and I'm about to Graduate in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences.

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