Experience the adventure of the Vías Braves

Sergi Martinez

30 August, 2017

Les Vies Braves is the safest and most fun way to enjoy open-water swimming. It is a public network of marine and open water itineraries dedicated to the practice of sports, recreational and pedagogical activities. In Sergi Martinez, Claror Marítim's water activities coach explains his experience through the activity team Neda al Mar.

Distributed throughout the Catalan coast, the Vies Braves itineraries are signposted and marked, which makes it possible to enjoy open waters. Many of the routes run parallel to round roads that follow the coast, which allows us to discover the territory from different perspectives.
It is important to recognize the efforts of swimmers and swimmers of the Neda al Mar group that every Tuesday go out to swim on the beaches of Somorrostro and La Barceloneta to enjoy Open Water Swimming. Thanks to this certainty we have achieved a very cohesive and well-trained human group that knows how to meet the challenges.
On Saturday 27 in May a group of 16 swimmers we started the high season of crossings to the open sea with an out of our usual training space to enjoy one of the most beautiful and longest ways of the Costa Brava: Via Brava of Sant Feliu de Guíxols.
With a total length of round trip of 3.6 kilometers, it is characterized by the transparency of the waters and a seabed full of life. Also worth noting is the section with a narrow corridor of no more than 5 meters in width between the steep walls of the Guipuzcoan coast and the island of Freu, this passage is known as the passage of the Freu.
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We all convened at 10 hours, aware of the difficulty of being timely when there is a shift in the middle. For the 10: 30 we were all gathered at the site of the call, just at the beginning of the road brava. Once we are wearing a neoprene dress we heard a brief summary about the route with the most important slogans regarding the organization of the groups, the approximate times of passage and the basic safety standards in the sea.
We started the tour at 11 hours with a fantastic day at the beginning, sun and flat sea to accompany us during the start. We also had the support of two kayaks and a motor boat (Angel's boat) that voluntarily collaborated to make the exit even safer and with better conditions.
After traveling with normality the first 100 meters and just after leaving the Freu, we noticed how the sea and time changed when leaving the protection of the port. I thought maybe it would be a bit more complicated than we originally thought. But they were not more than 300 difficult meters afterwards, we were once again covered by the steep walls until we reached the end of the road, a turning point. Once there we celebrated it with comments, laughs and fun photos.
Then, undo the path and return to the beach of Sant Feliu de Guíxols where friends and companions wait to welcome all swimmers.
The sun returns to the clouds with the arrival of the group on the beach and the warm welcome of relatives and friends who are waiting for us. After the shower to get salt, lunch with swimmers and relatives to share experiences and laugh with the adventures of the day. We are a large group of friends and you notice.
Do you want to join the group?
Enjoy the sea with the group Neda al Mar of Claror Marítim. We always leave from October to May every Tuesday at 14: 15 hours and from May in July also with morning departures on Thursdays at 7: 00 hours to watch the sun rise and fill with energy with the fresh air salt sea
If you have any questions you can contact me, Sergi Martínez by sending an email to smartinez @claror.cat

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Sergi Martinez

Coordinator of the Aquatic Fitness Area of Claror Marítim and personal trainer

National Swimming Trainer and Master in Management of Sports Entities

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