What is a Spartan Race? Do you join? ;-)

Sergi Mateu

10 May, 2017

The Spartan Race is more than a race: it is a global phenomenon. Thousands of people participate every year in any of the three modalities of this obstacle course: Sprint (5 kilometers and 15 obstacles), Super (13 kilometers and 21 obstacles) or Beast (20 kilometers and 26 obstacles). In Sergi Mateu, fitness technician Claror Marítim He tells us his experience through the Mariteam team.

Last April 22 a group of seven students and the group's coach FIT 90 of Claror Maritim in the turn of the 14: 15 we went to do ours Fourth Spartan Race. The first one we did in October of the 2015 in Súria, in the Sprint mode, the second in May of the 2016 in the Super mode, the third in December of the 2016 also in the Super mode. So we were facing our fourth challenge.
That is?
Spartan Race is an obstacle course sponsored by the Reebook brand consisting of 3 distances. The Sprint mode is made over 6km and between 20-23 obstacles, the super 13-15km and 24-29 obstacle obstacles and the Beast where they make a minimum of 21km and 30-25 obstacles. Depending on the physical condition of the athlete you can choose one of the 3 modalities.
The obstacles that are in the race are very diverse, there are walls of all types imaginable, straight, inclined, declined, smooth, rough, with water, high and low, narrow and wide ... There are obstacles that consist of completing a Itinerary carrying different loads, from buckets full of sand and gravel to chains, sandbags, chains, anchors, large stones, iron slats, tractor wheels, tree trunks and some other items chosen by the organization with great care Other obstacles require a great deal of strength in the arms, hands and fingers, such as the rope, always dry and muddy, the Monkey bars, hang a sequence of asymmetrical bars, different rock climbing walls, Other obstacles that combine walls, with ropes, mud, especially mud, and water, lots of water. We also have tests where there is no challenge for mud ponds, others where there is a balance to pass over logs with different platforms, another need to jump, and there is even memory and aim, where You have to do the target in a ball of straw by poking a single-spear spear.
Between test and test it was run, until we completed the required distance, in our case 15 km, which we completed in little more than 2h. It must be said that if an obstacle is not overcome, the punishment to continue with the race is to make 30 burpees. In the group competition, which is always our goal, we distribute burpeas between all if a member does not exceed some of the different obstacles that complete the route.
Our experience
The FIT 90 group always targets us under the name of Mariteam And we compete together, those who have more difficulty in passing the obstacles help pass those who have a problem in some of them, although Spartan behind Spartan is increasingly needed to help the different athletes to overcome the route. From the first Spartan Race to Súria in October 2015 until the end of May 2017 in Madrid the group has experienced spectacular growth, going from the fact that few members overcome the obstacles to which the great majority surpass them. The main values ​​that cohesion the group and the race are the spirit of overcoming, cohesion, linked to a spirit of belonging to the team, collaboration in the joint achievement of the different challenges posed by the race and the strong friendship that unites athletes. To get an idea, the shout of war is "one for all, and all for one!"
How do we prepare it?
It should be said that the physical preparation of the Mariteam athletes is mainly given in the FIT 90 classes, where high intensity interval training (HIIT) is carried out. We work on the different abilities and abilities that we then put into practice on the day of the race. Weight lifting, weightlifting, transportation, crash and breakage, jumps, plates, traction and thrust movements, squats and lungs, the race or launchings always take place at the same time, Training combining different material such as TRX, Gunnex, sandbags, body bars, bars and weight discs, dumbbells, balls with and without weight, Kettlebells, Plymometric platforms, Swedish banks, walls, strings ... everything to improve body composition of the athletes, pursuing a reduction of subcutaneous and visceral fat and an increase in the strength reflected in the increase in% of muscle. There are no 2 workouts, no one repeats, making the student never know what to find. In fact, we could say that the class of FIT 90 is like a small Spartan Race where we find different challenges that must be surpassed to reach the end by screaming all at once the great screams of war, Arooo Arooo Aroooo!
If you want to try a class of FIT90 send an email to smoke @claror.cat and you can participate in one of the two currently active groups that train on Tuesdays and Thursdays, at 14: 15 and 19h.
We are already preparing the next Spartan Race, we will keep you informed!

the author

Sergi Mateu

Responsible for fitness of Claror Marítim

Specialized Teacher in Physical Education (MEF), Bachelor of Physical Activity and Sports Sciences (LCAFE), Master of indoor cycling instructor (Keizer), Pilates Instructor and Personal Trainer.

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