Aquamat: Strength, resistance and balance in the water

Juanjo Zabala

13 September, 2017

Are you one of those who thinks that training in the water is always the same? Do you think doing fitness in the pool is boring and intense? Well now Aquamat arrives, a new activity of high intensity aquatic fitness that will allow you to work in water, strength, strain and balance.

Traditionally the activities of aiguagym, and its different variants, have been the proposals that have monopolized the offer of fitness to the water. Although some manufacturers and thinkers of physical activity have long been looking to keep innovating physical conditioning work within water, the reality is that no material had a good acceptance among the customers of the sports centers.
A breakthrough proposal
Now, however, a new proposal reaches the aquatic fitness, with a very high expectation of consolidating itself in the service offer of the different centers. This is the Aquamat, physical conditioning activity in a pool that is carried out on a table of 2 meters by 1 (manufacturer depends), which is placed inside the water and above which the Sportsman performs different exercises.
Emulating work on a surfboard, Aquamat proposes performing a series of exercises on an unstable surface, the table, which adds to the work an addition to the control of the body and posture itself.
Thus, the first thing that the Aquamat practitioner will experience is the difficulty in raising and maintaining a certain position above the table. The work of self-esteem and balance will be present from the first minute, allowing a series of neuromuscular adaptations that we will not achieve with other works. In addition, we will immediately notice how the CORE musculature is clearly involved, also working from the beginning.
In addition, it is necessary to think that on top of the table you can practically perform all the exercises that would be done on the floor, and therefore, little by little, different materials are introduced, such as gums or dumbbells, and methodologies, such as pilates or yoga
High intensity
Although from the outside it may seem like a low-intensity job, nothing further from reality. Aquamat is an activity of moderate or high intensity, which requires a certain level of body weight and a minimum level of physical condition so that the session can be held with guarantees. This is a proposal that approaches the aquatic environment to those who are looking for a job of a certain intensity, but that have usually moved away from the water.

the author

Juanjo Zabala

Operational Director of the Claror Marítim

Degree in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences (UI1). Diploma in Teaching in Physical Education (URLL). Master's Degree in Economic Management of Sports Centers (UB).

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