Recipes to cook your own energy bars!

Olga Amado

9 April, 2019

An ideal complement to our workouts is the consumption of energy bars that help us provide the extra energy that our body will need before, during and after exercising. We explain your benefits and we also give you a few recipes for you to take them home.

The energy bars are ideal for those with a high caloric expense. Therefore, they may be indicated in stages of growth, people with a high lifetimes or athletes subject to intense and sustained sports practice. In all these cases, one is needed extra energy input and the hat can be the ideal complement to achieve this.
Regarding their nutritional composition, between 60 and 80% of a bar are carbohydrates, the rest is divided into smaller amounts between fats, proteins, vitamins or minerals. Depending on the objective, when choosing the treadmills, it is recommended to look at the nutritional composition. Those especially rich in simple sugars will be better if we want to get energy quickly, as these carbohydrates are rapidly assimilated. It would be the case of the bars that we eat before exercising. It is also necessary that these bars are not very rich in fiber and fats because they could cause us a slow or heavy digestion.
On the other hand, if we practice long-lasting sports and intense effort, such as hiking or cycling, where we eat during exercise we will need to be especially rich in complex carbohydrates because they provide us with energy sustained in time. There are also bars known as proteins. This type of hat is designed for people who practice sports of strength and despite its composition it is still rich in complex carbohydrates whose protein content is usually superior to the rest. Given the nutritional composition, we can say that the caloric value is usually between 250-500 calories per bar based on its weight and ingredients.
To make one good use of energy bars it is recommended:
Never test the day of the competition or sports test. We risk to suffer from heavy digestion, food intolerance or adverse reactions, from which we have not sufficiently measured the consequences.
Accompanying your fluid intake will make it more digestible.
They are not substitutes for a balanced diet but a good complement.
Choose the ones that best suit our needs, taking into account the sport we practice.
The bars are practical, easy to transport, they concentrate a lot of energy in little space and are satiating. They are suitable for before, during or after the exercise if we make good use.
Next I leave some recipes to make them at home. Anyway, in the variety is the taste so I encourage you to try to make your own combinations because they are in your liking in 100%.
Cereal bars, dried figs and nuts
25 dried figs
25g of nuts
100g of cereals of our taste (corn, swollen rice, muslin, oat blocks)
2 c / s of honey (we can also use some sweetener like agave or molasses syrup)
Crush the figs and reserve them. Then do the same with the cereals. Then combine and mix the two ingredients and incorporate honey. The mixture is poured into a rectangular or square container and it is strained until the surface is uniform. It is cooled in the refrigerator so that it is consistent and then cut the bars with a damp knife so that it does not stick to the dough. They can be wrapped separately with paper and stored until we want to consume them.
Duck bars and oat flakes
300g of dates
Two cups of oat flakes
Remove the bone from the dated and soak for a few hours. Beat the dates with their water until they get a liquid texture, then they add the oat flakes so that the dough is thick and until we have a texture that likes to be dense enough. The dough is poured into a rectangular source and proceed as in the previous bar. It can also be made with kelp or apricot.
Sesame and citrus salad
250g of Sesame
The skin of a lemon and that of an orange
100g of brown sugar
100g of honey
Slice the skin of lemon and orange and reserve. Then we will add sesame in a pan. Next we put in a pot to heat the honey and the brown sugar until they tie. When honey adds color we add sesame and fruit slices. It mixes well and is removed from the heat. Let's loose a square bowl with oven paper, pour the mixture, cover it with baked paper and roll the roll until the dough is flat regularly. As in the previous one, we will grease a knife to cut the bars in the form of a rectangle and let it finish cool completely.
Chocolate bars
1 natural yogurt
3 c / s of soybean meal
80g of oat flakes
1 egg
10g of natural almonds chopped
30g of grated black chocolate
Optionally you can add protein powder
Put the oven to heat at 200º. In a bowl mix the oats and flour, then add the yogurt, then the egg and if we want the protein powder. The dough is mixed well and the dried fruit and the striped black chocolate are added. We prepare an oven tray and fill it with oven paper, we distribute the dough in the form of the size bars we like and cook in the oven for 20 '.
Apple and nut bars and oats
2 Golden apples cut and peeled
350g of oat flakes
75g of new ones
75g of Corint raisins
2 c / s of honey or syrup of agave or molasses
Heat the oven to 150º because these bars are eaten cooked. Prepare applesauce with apples and sugar. When they are cooked, we crushed them with a fork and add honey, oat flakes and nuts and whole raisins. Pour the dough into a fountain and cook some 45 '. When it is cold cut the bars into rectangles. They wrap them up and we already have them ready to eat.
Banana and musli caps
200g of musli
1 ripe banana
1 c / s of honey
1 egg white
Cinnamon powder
Heat the oven to 150º. As in the rest of the bars, mix all the ingredients and pass them on the mixer. Put oven paper in a pearl spring, pour the dough and cook some 45 '. When it's cold we cut the bars in the shape of a rectangle, wrap them up and ready.

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