We explain three useful exercises to do with the Kettlebell

Carlos Magretti | Virginia Pascual

27 September, 2017

Today we will talk about the kettlebell and what exercises can be done with this material. The advantage of the kettlebell with respect to the traditional "manuella" is that its center of gravity is external to the hand and thus allows ballistic exercises, such as balances and boots. Also, since its weight is more difficult to control, the exercises are made more effective.

These exercises have more in common with high intensity interval training than traditional weights. In fact, movements with kettlebells resemble physical activity in the field, such as digging a ditch or cutting a tree. They involve the entire body, increase strength and endurance, improve balance and agility, and strengthen the core (abdominal belt), important to prevent back pain.
We have chosen 3 basic exercises:
The swing
With this exercise the entire back chain works: glutes, hamstrings, lumbar and also abs. That is, we work different muscle groups at the same time to burn more fat and accelerate our metabolism.
To make it, place your feet slightly wider than the hip and with the tips slightly outward. Have the kettlebell in your hands and between your legs. Flex your knees, keeping your back straight. Press the abs and lift the kettlebell by hitting it to move it forward by stretching the legs and keeping the back position straight.
When the kettlebell returns, he wears his hip back, flexing his knees slightly and with his back straight until the forearms touch the hips. To restart, he again puts a hiccup forward. The arms will remain parallel to the ground. Grab air when you lower the kettlebell and remove it when you lift it.
Some variants of the swing are:
· swing with two hands
· swing with one hand
· swing alternating hand
· swing "overhead" (complete)
Loaded with Kettlebell
The other exercise that we will explain is the one loaded with kettlebell, with which the upper and lower body train is trained. It involves different muscle groups simultaneously, quadriceps, hamstrings, trapezius, deltoids and to a lesser degree, twins, lumbar, abdominals and glutes.
Start exercising right, with feet slightly wider than shoulders and slightly outwards. Lift the kettlebell with a load, flexing the hip, doing a squad and keeping the chest high. Lift up quickly with the arm, flexing the elbow, approaching the ribs and supporting the kettlebell on the forearm. Next flexes knees push with the legs and with the arm to shave a press, keeping the weight over the head. To finish the exercise, leave the weight behind the shoulder and then unload it to the floor.
Turkish uprising
The last exercise we are talking about is the Turkish uprising. With this exercise, what you will achieve is to stabilize and strengthen the entire scapular waist, abdominals, improve the mobility of the hip and the strength of the legs and balance.
The steps to carry it out are as follows:
- Initial position: lying on the floor, lying on the floor, lift the kettlebell with the arm fully stretched and perpendicular to the floor. Flex the leg on the same side of the body, with which you load the kettlebell.
- First phase: it starts to lift the trunk diagonally, resting on the floor the forearm of the arm that is free.
- Second phase: lift the trunk, release your forearm and lean on your hand. This gesture allows you to open the hip, flex the leg that you had stretched out and place it behind you, leaning against your knee and you would be ready to stand upright.
- Final position: support both feet on the floor and you're right. Once you've reached the top, perform the whole sequence upside down to stretch you back to the ground. It is important that during the movement, the arm that attaches the kettlebell should be fully stretched and you should not lose sight of the kettlebell, so you will continue to look at it.
ATTENTION: Care with kettlebells: when you train with them you are moving a lot of kilos at high speed; If you run out you can cause very serious damage to people, objects and parquet in your home. You can also injure yourself if you do not use the appropriate technique. Learn to do the exercises correctly and do not overlook your weight.
Presentation: Virginia Pascual and Carlos Magretti
Production: Cristian González
Assembly and Video: Enchilada Films

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