The benefits of swimming in the sea

Judit Torres | Manel Moré | Sergi Martinez

6 in June, 2019

Discover with this video the benefits of swimming in open waters. The group of Claror Marítim shows you the experience of swimming in the sea beyond the summer and doing it with the preparation and the most appropriate material to enjoy a great sporting experience.

The practice of the swimming in open waters, sea, rivers or ponds is a sport of fashion with an exponential increase of its practitioners in recent years. This sport is ideal to practice in summer but also in good part of the year, from April to November, with the appropriate measures to gain a good experience during its practice.
Swim in the sea It is very different from swimming in the pool, but this does not exclude the need to always have a good training planned and advised by a reference technician. In the pool the objective is to achieve the physical abilities and the psychological confidence needed to face training and competitions in open waters. It is also the right place to look for the training group that matches your level, and at the same time, boosts the most social part of this sport, so that you can face the experience of training and competition in the water in the company open Being part of an open water training group will allow you to overcome all the restlessness and sensations of habitual insecurity when you begin to practice this modality in an unstable environment such as the sea, the large rivers or the ponds.
La swimming in open waters It is one of the sporting disciplines that brings us closer to nature. In fact, the feeling we experience is fusion and communion with water and to become an element of this natural environment as we move forward.
Benefits of swimming in the sea
· We charge energy
· Enjoy the environment and nature
· Improves the quality of life
· Improves mental and emotional health
· I burn a lot of calories
· Increase muscle mass
· Improves cardio respiratory capacity
· Reduces stress
Practicing open water swimming can be very good physical, psychological and freedom sensations, but you should always take into account the recommendations of use and safety to enjoy this fantastic discipline.
Al Claror Marítim, every week there are walks to swim open to the beach of Barceloneta. In each session, guidance, accompaniment and correction of the technique to swim in open water are worked on.
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the authors

Judit Torres

Executive of accounts of communication, image and marketing of the Claror Sardenya

Graduate in Advertising and Public Relations (UAB), Senior Technician in Audiovisual and Multimedia Production (EMAV)

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Manel Moré

Responsible for the Aquatic Area and the Leisure Area of ​​the Llinars Sports

Superior Technician in Animation of Physical Sports Activities, Graduate in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences, and Director of Leisure

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Sergi Martinez

Coordinator of the Aquatic Fitness Area of Claror Marítim and personal trainer

National Swimming Trainer and Master in Management of Sports Entities

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