TRX, get in suspension

Cristian González | Xavi Royo

22 April, 2020

Today we will talk about the TRX, a suspension training where one of our extremities is supported on the floor and the other on the handles.

El TRX you work with different degrees of inclination where you graduate your degree of intensity of the exercise and is indicated for any type of person, from a young person to a person of the elderly.
The TRX is good that it is a training in which we have no impact on the ground, at the joint level the impact is zero. Next we will go to the explanation of the three exercises that you will see today.
The first exercise is the dorsal work, we will begin perpendicular to the ground and we will graduate its inclination and its degree of work until getting well parallel to the ground.
The second exercise is the work of obliques, where its degree of intensity is measured with the position of the legs: legs open, lower intensity of exercise and parallel legs, greater intensity.
The third and last exercise is Atomic push-up, first we will only do the push-ups and then we will do the work of the legs where core work is very important.
So, you know, now you just need to try the TRX! If you have any questions, ask our room technicians.

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Cristian González

Graduate in Journalism (UPF), Graduate in Contemporary History (UB), Master in Business Communication Specialization in Digital Technologies (UPF).

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