Women and sports

Mariona Violán | Olga Barbero

4 in March, 2020

The Dr. Mariona Violán tells us what are the different stages of a woman's life, what physical and hormonal changes differentiate them, and the importance of doing proper sports at each stage, as an integral part in everyday life. Small sport, sports until adolescence, sport and physical activity in adult stages, but above all: let's not stop! let's not stop!

We will try to change the statistics! Sport in the life of a woman is key and key in all life stages. But there are basically three parts that are the most important.


It is important that a girl, and we must always flee stereotypes, do sport, and above all, that this sport is maintained until the age of adolescence, which is exactly the point where young girls tend to leave the activity physics and sports.

And that is key because it is like having a retirement plan where we are doing that there is a bone, muscular health and an important force and where all the benefactors of the physical exercise and the sport begin. Especially, to prevent diseases that will come as we grow older.

Pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding

There is another key stage that is that of pregnancy, postpartum, breastfeeding ... It is key that the mother at this stage naturalizes the sport accompanied by the advice of medical professionals and of the sport, Not everything can be done but it is important that we keep up.


And then we entered a third phase, maturity, especially the climacteric phase, where physical conditions go a little down and this in women happens before than in men. And we have to take into account 4 aspects:

One is the physical aspect in which we will be interested in having a very important bone and muscular health that will give us an autonomy for future life.

Another is the prevention of diseases that will pass quite prevalent in a woman's life and we know that sport and physical activity have a prevention factor in the face of a disease such as the cancer of mama And if this illness occurs, we know that, during periods of treatment, doing sports helps us to improve its effectiveness.

For women, that sometimes it is hard for us to start sleeping, and that there are other concerns that surround us in our lives, the fact of keeping us active means that we are socially more integrated, that we laugh more, than we feel Better, and above all, if we keep active we do small exercise of memory.

So when we reach old age, we will be equal to men, we will have all these benefits very well integrated and we will be autonomous in order to live a life with autonomy and freedom, we have the age we have. But we have won that and we have started doing it since we were small.

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the authors

Mariona Violán

Head of the Can Caralleu Health Area

Graduate in medicine and surgery (UB). Specialist in Physical Activity and Sports Medicine (UB). Fellowship in Sports Medicine and Nutritional asses and exercise prescription at Childrens Hospital, Boston, and Sargent College.

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Olga Barbero

Responsible for communication, image and marketing of Can Caralleu and Coordinator of the Claror Magazine

Postgraduate in Business Communication (UPF), Postgraduate Diploma in Editorial Techniques (UB), Degree in Philosophy and Arts (UB)

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