Postpartum recovery exercises

Bethlehem Castiñeiras | Judit Torres

26 April, 2018

Postpartum recovery is essential to recover 100% after pregnancy.

Postpartum recovery is essential to recover 100% after pregnancy.

Today we will explain a few simple and basic exercises to start recovering.

First exercise
We will be lying face up, we will inspire our nose and exhale through the mouth. As the air is gradually coming out, we imagine a zipper that rises from the pubis to the navel that is closing. In case we have a little abdominal diastasis, a very normal thing after pregnancy, will help us to close it.

Second year
We will work pelvic vasculation activating the buttocks and articulate the entire vertebra vertebrae vertebrae. We inspire and when we exhaled we raise glutes above all, we take air and when exhaled we lower vertebrae by vertebrae.

Third year
We will start activating both the quadriceps and the buttocks, always working from the control of the abdominal waist. We inspire and when we exhale we stretch our arms and gradually lower, we take air up, we inspire raising and exhale down.

Fourth exercise
The other fundamental part in postpartum recovery is hypopressive work because it helps us work on a postural level and helps us recover at the pelvic floor level. We will base ourselves on a basic position, we seek to grow upwards, noting that the abdominal begins to grow, we stretch our neck a little longer, we want the scapula to be as flat as possible and move the shaft a little, always with the knees slightly flexed. We inspire and exhale, activate and, we take air again and exhalate leaving all the air slowly emptying completely. When we do not have more air, we open our ribs, activate our arms, push outside and hold the air. When we can not do more, we will inspire our nose.

Well, you know, if you have just had a baby and you're happy to share this experience with other moms, we look forward to you.

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