Train faster to be more autonomous

Xavi Royo

21 in June, 2018

The old theories said that the more hours you train, the better, and nowadays, the quality and intensity of the training is given more importance than the amount of hours that we dedicate to it.

Today the concept of training has changed a lot about years ago, both on a professional scale and in amateur scale, and in all age groups.

The old theories said that the more volume of hours you train, the better, and nowadays, it is given more importance to quality and intensity of the training than the amount of hours that we dedicate to you.

The fast and intense workouts have many more benefits for our body than a long-term workout.

Main benefits
· It allows us to lose weight and not muscle and increase the metabolism and growth hormone up to 450% during the 24 hours after the end of the exercise.
· Thanks to post-exercise oxygen consumption (COPD), we continue to burn fat until 48-72 hours after training.
· It helps us to improve the maximum volume of oxygen (VO2màx) and to have a healthier heart.
· We gain in efficiency: more intensity in less time.

Avoid over-training
We need to incorporate a relaxation phase in the training that perhaps we did not take into account before, to avoid what is known as over-training. Not to much training we will achieve our goals before, but we can achieve a workout that exacerbates our body excessively, causing us to get injured, and this will force us to spend a period of rest and recovery in order to return to the sporting practice.

Advise yourself before you start
Before starting high intensity training, it is very important to go through the Health Service where one Professional of Sports Medicine He will give you an acknowledgment and will tell you if your body is in optimal conditions to perform these types of training, or if you have to prepare for it beforehand.

Once you're ready, the coaches and coaches They can help you plan yourself and teach you how to train faster and more efficiently.

This type of training will allow you to be more autonomous and you can do it indoors and outdoors.

In our everyday life, we are constantly looking at the clock that is always pending for the little time we have available, so being able to train faster and more effectively will be great, right?

We're waiting for you to try it!

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