Exercises to keep fit during the holidays

Héctor Catalán | Olga Barbero

14 August, 2019

Héctor Catalan, the Claror Club's fitness coach, offers you a few exercises to keep training during the summer and keep the shape

Héctor Catalan, the Claror Club's fitness technician, offers you a few exercises to continue training during the summer and keep up the shape. We will do dry and water exercises, which we propose below.

Exercises in the sand

Side steps with rubber

We place an elastic rubber at the knees or ankles, if we want to increase the intensity. We will take lateral steps by bringing the hip back and flexing the knees, to work all our lower train.

Plyometric jumps

We will seek a plyometric work as this will help us improve stability, strengthen the joints and work force. We will take advantage of the irregular surface and instability of the sand for this exercise. We will make jumps with a leg, always cushioning the fall with our own body, doing a knee flexion, we will hold a few seconds to take advantage of the balance so we will look for a plyometric work.


In this case we will make the burpee that will push the pulsations very quickly, as it is a global exercise with fast position changes, in addition, we have the sand that still makes stability and mobility difficult. We will begin to squat a little, in this position we will look for the ground with the hands to make an elbow flexion, with the momentum of the flexion we will return to incorporate of feet to finalize with a vertical jump.

Plates with mobility

We will position ourselves in an iron position to work on it core. We will stretch on the floor, placing our hands under the shoulders height to create a strong stability in our arms. This will be the starting point, we will do a flexion of elbows - we will support them on the floor keeping the back straight and the hip at the height of our shoulders.

Exercises in the water

Lunges or shivers

We will seek that water reaches the knee height in order to find a work of strength. The exercise will be to seek the maximum amplitude of one step, raising the knee over the surface of the water.

Speed ​​series

We will work the speed, we will make small sprint series with water as a handicap. The intensity will depend on where we place ourselves, if we want to increase it, the water should reach us by our knees and, if we want to reduce it, we will try to reach our ankles.

Upper trunk work

In order to work the trunk higher than the water, we will make rapid movements within the sea, such as punching below the water, whatever moves below the surface of the sea will help us to tone your arms.


We will do a multisalt work in the water. With the help of the arms we will do a full exercise. We can also regulate intensity by looking for greater or lesser depth of water.

The ideal is to combine exercises dry and water 3 times a week, trying to rest a day in between, in order to return to the usual rhythm of training.

Happy holiday!

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Héctor Catalán

Fitness technician

Senior Technician in Physical Sports, Schwinn Cycle instructor and Instructor in strength training.

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Olga Barbero

Responsible for communication, image and marketing of Can Caralleu and Coordinator of the Claror Magazine

Postgraduate in Business Communication (UPF), Postgraduate Diploma in Editorial Techniques (UB), Degree in Philosophy and Arts (UB)

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