What is functional training?

Marc Moya | Olga Barbero

19 September, 2018

Marc Moya, fitness technician, personal trainer and assistant director of Claror Sardenya Explains to you what is and why Functional Training is right for you.

Functional Training or Functional Training is a very complete workout where, apart from calorie burning, we also work muscular strength. They are not analytical exercises where we sit in a chair and we only do an exercise in concrete, but we work in different axes to look for maximum balance, coordination and movement.
It is a method you are looking for Structural balance and improved performance through body movement in all its axes. That is why it is considered a complete training.

There are different functional exercises that work the whole body, to do with different types of material:

Dorsal with TRX
We work the broad dorsal and the parabertebrales.

Swing Kettlebell
We will use a Kettlebell to work the middle glute.

Squat with sack
We work quadriceps, glutes and hamstrings.

Weigh in weight where we will do hamstrings work.

Battle Row
Exercise of cardio by means of strings.

Work of the abdominal by means of a tensor.

This training can be done individually or in a group, with the activity of Teambeats of 30 minutes.

We wait in the room!

the authors

Marc Moya

Fitness technician and personal trainer

Higher Level of Physical-Recreational Activities and I'm about to Graduate in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences.

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Olga Barbero

Responsible for communication, image and marketing of Can Caralleu and Coordinator of the Claror Magazine

Postgraduate in Business Communication (UPF), Postgraduate Diploma in Editorial Techniques (UB), Degree in Philosophy and Arts (UB)

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