With a personal trainer, yes you can!

Alex Quilez | Olga Barbero

27 September, 2018

Àlex Quílez, Club Claror's sports coach, explains how a coach can help our coach to achieve our goals.

Àlex Quílez, sports coach and personal trainer at Clubs Claror, explains how a personal trainer can help our coaches to achieve our goals.

The goal of personal training is to make available to the client all the technology, resources and time of a qualified professional, in order to achieve the best results
in the most effective and safe way.

This way, people who use this service:
· They achieve better results in less time
· They injure themselves less
· They enjoy a more fun and varied training, as they learn to train in multiple ways
· They get a constant support on the right lifestyle to enjoy better health.

We can hire a personal trainer from:
· Pool: to improve the technique, prepare a test, lose fear and learn to swim.
· Fitness: to prepare a sports challenge, lose weight, definition and muscle toning, and maintenance for people who need an accompaniment.
· Physiotherapy: for people suffering from some pathology, they need to recover an injury or need a readaptation.

We look forward to Club Claror to accompany you in your challenge.

Our challenge is your goal!

If you want to hire a personal trainer, here you can get all the information.
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Claror Sardenya
Claror Cartagena
Claror Marítim
Can Caralleu
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Alex Quilez

Fitness technician, aquatic fitness and personal trainer

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Olga Barbero

Responsible for communication, image and marketing of Can Caralleu and Coordinator of the Claror Magazine

Postgraduate in Business Communication (UPF), Postgraduate Diploma in Editorial Techniques (UB), Degree in Philosophy and Arts (UB)

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