Ballet Fit and Total Barre, get in shape dancing

Olga Barbero | Rocío Celaya

7 November, 2018

La Rocío, the Claror Club's fitness technique tells us how we can get in shape or complement our training with Ballet Fit and Total Barre.

With Ballet Fit and Total Barre, you can work your body by combining dance movements and putting you in shape or complementing your training.
These activities make you model and tone your body, gain strength and endurance, work on flexibility, improve your posture, and also do cardiovascular work.
And not only do you work your body, but you work your brain looking for balance, memory, rhythm and coordination. All this makes you improve your mood, strengthening self-esteem and trust.

At Total Barre we work on the Ball placing and Ballet movements, combined with Pilates exercises. And at the end of the class we go to the ground to work specific parts of the body, such as the buttocks and abdomen, and stretching.
Ballet Fit works based on Ballet combined with fitness movements. As in Total Barre, the bar is used as a support to work the body in the first part of the class.
Then we perform small choreographies where we do the cardiovascular training, following the ground with the work of glutes and abdomen. To finish, stretching and relaxation.

The two classes are choreographed with musical hits, which will keep you up and train in a fun way, and where you give a lot of importance to the conscious work and your position.
Remember that they are classes where you do not have to do Ballet before, they are activities designed for everyone.

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Olga Barbero

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Rocío Celaya

Instructor of activities directed at the Claror Marítim

Bachelor of Dance Pedagogy at the Institute of Theater of the Diputació de Barcelona, ​​Certified in Zumba, Certified in the programs of LesMIlls of Bodybalance and Sh'bam

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