Why is it harder to lose weight after the age of 40?

Olga Amado

30 April, 2021

We tell you why from the age of 40 we start to accumulate fat and it is more difficult to lose weight. Also how to get it :)

From the age of 40, many women begin to suffer from headaches because they can't lose weight, and they comment: “I used to, if I gained weight, I did a few good days and I managed to lose kilos with relative ease, but now I don't 'it is possible to do it'. 
Faced with this situation, many women choose to follow miracle diets that only make the situation worse, or are punished by eating very low-calorie diets and go hungry without justification, or are demotivated and resigned to continue gaining weight, doing- they are a bad service to themselves, because weight gain leads to illness and low self-esteem. 
So if we are in this situation, it is best to get into the hands of a nutritionist.

Why do you gain weight more easily from the age of 40? 

Different factors must be considered:
  • On the one hand we have the slowing down of the metabolism that is determined by aging, therefore, the bigger we get the fewer calories we need to ingest throughout the day. If we continue to eat like when we were twenty the body will store all the leftovers in the form of fat. 
  • With aging, too much muscle is lost and the body accumulates more adipose tissue.
  • If the latter factor is linked to sedentary lifestyle and lack of exercise, the problem is further aggravated. Exercise not only helps us increase energy expenditure, but is also essential for maintaining muscle tone. For this reason, not only is aerobic endurance exercise recommended, but you also need to do a couple of days a week of strength work.
  • Nor can we lose sight of the hormonal changes that appear around forty in many women. There is a drop in estrogen that directly impacts a woman’s body composition causing more fat to build up.
  • People who live with high levels of stress or little night rest also find it harder to lose weight. 
  • And finally, people who for years have been doing different diets with rebound effect, have facilitated the increase in body fat and far from losing it have accumulated more. As a result, it is becoming increasingly difficult for them to lose weight. 

I want to lose weight: how do I do it?

From the age of 40, it is more difficult for many women to lose weight, but it is not impossible.
To do this you need to consider these key points: 
  • As you get older, your body needs less energy, which means you have to eat a little less than before.
  • With age you lose body water, so you can’t neglect hydration. It is as important to drink water throughout the day as it is to learn to drink without thirst. 
  • Set yourself a realistic goal. You can’t pretend to weigh back what you weighed when you were twenty. 
  • Eat healthy, varied and quality. Choose foods of high nutritional value, fresh and seasonal. 
  • Keeps sugars, processed products and fats at bay.
  • Exercise regularly without neglecting strength training. 
  • Walk every day, to go well about 10000 steps. 
  • Don't bet on fad, miracle or fast diets that just fool you. 
  • Don’t skip meals and eat more than three a day.
  • Try to rest well at night
  • Banish alcohol because it brings you nothing.  
  • Seeking help from a specialist is always easier with help and support.
  • Recognize stressful situations and put a stop to it. 
  • The day of whim, let him be conscious, but not punishing. 
  • And above all, high morale, there is nothing less attractive to lose weight than demotivation. 
Controlling all these aspects will be the key to success. 


the author

Olga Amado

Responsible Area of ​​health of the Llinars Sport

Graduate in medicine and surgery (UAB). Specialist in Physical Activity and Sports Medicine (UB). Master in Nutrition and Food (UB).

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