You're still on time: organize your workout and your diet

Sandra Segura

8 May, 2019

With 90 days we have plenty of time to do the classic 'bikini operation', and if we put in, we can achieve much more than that. Following simple guidelines we can reprogram our body and mind to adopt more healthy habits.

A recurring theme every year for these dates is the famous 'bikini operation'. When 3 months are still missing, many people give up.
But they're wrong.
With 90 days we have plenty of time to prepare our body for the summer, and if we put ourselves in, we can achieve much more than that. Following simple guidelines we can reprogram our body and mind to adopt more healthy habits.

Physical activity
We will begin by detailing those simpler things, things that we do every day without thinking about them, but that if we want, we can turn them into one of the most important pillars of a healthy and fit life.
A very clear example is the shift to work. We all know that the motorcycle, the car or the public transport help us to arrive more quickly. If instead of taking a transport you decide to go on foot or by bike, you will discover that the journey can take you to the batteries: the wind in your face, the good weather and the blood pumping your body strongly, will cause you to reach the work with renewed energies. And most important of all, just beginning the day you have achieved a goal, and that makes the brain adopt a positive, winning and well-being.
An active lifestyle is this: look for those 30 minutes of the day that you can devote to moving the body and in this way, avoiding sedentary lifestyle.

If you want to work on the figure, gain muscle or lose fat, you will also need to follow a training plan. It is advisable to spend some time doing physical activity, at least 2 or 3 times per week, to obtain the desired results.
If your option is the gym, apart from activities such as Body Attack, Body Pump, Cxworx or Spining, we recommend exercising HIIT (High Intensity Intervalic Training). It is a short-term training where high-intensity exercises are performed during alternate short periods of time with small active breaks ... This is not very attractive, but we can assure you that a good HIIT workout can be more effective at the time. Time to burn fat that one hour to run, and at the same time also work different muscle groups. Now it does not sound so bad, right?
A very good option is to hire a coach or personal trainer, who will know how to guide you during these months and get all your potential. You will see that you are much more capable than you would have ever imagined.

If you prefer outdoor activity, now that we have already left behind the cold and cold days of winter, it's time to take the bike or mountain boots and go exploring. You can start with shorter walks or excursions and gradually expand and discover new lands. You can also take the car and look for a peak to go up, walk to a swamp or a river to bathe or to visit a quiet cove.

Food diet
Feeding plays a fundamental role in our lives. Good healthy habits will make us feel better, and at the same time our body will reflect. It is advisable to eat different salads of green leaves accompanied by seeds and nuts. Plates with fresh products, light and easy to prepare.
We can get the hydrates and proteins from the vegetables, the egg and the fish. Regarding meat, you should always try to eat white meat such as chicken, rabbit or turkey. And we will leave the pig or red meats for those days that we are surrounded by friends or family doing vermouth or eating out in a restaurant. If we can do without meat, better than better.
What should be avoided are processed dishes, sugars and alcoholic drinks in excess.
The fruit is an ideal food to appease the desire of sweet or to chop outside hours.

All this will help you feel a healthy new person, full of strength and security.
Take advantage of the challenges you are managing to inspire and accompany those who surround you.
Spend time on yourself and much sooner than you expect, you will begin to collect the fruits.

Alas, your ideal JO awaits you this summer!

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Sandra Segura

Degree in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences and Master's Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics

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