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Cristian González

1 in March, 2010

Marc Gasol has always grown under the shadow of his older brother, but now that he has been in the NBA for many seasons, many are beginning to respect him as a great basketball player. Following the steps of Pau, the Gasol medium begins to blur in the Memphis Grizzlies and seeing it play it would not be crazy to think that "Big Marc" would play for one of the big ones.

Marc Gasol is consolidating in the NBA and is already an indispensable piece for the inner game of the Memphis Grizzlies, who are currently in a hurry after overcoming a bad start to the season. If last year he was a good rookie, now he has won respect for all and carries out remarkable actions such as the one he had in the match that Memphis won the Lakers (95-93) last February , in which he obtained better records than his brother Pau.

After winning the Euro Basketball, what goals have you scored?
Especially, improving the previous one, which is not very complicated at the moment, but we have to work hard.

Now you're in Memphis, but which NBA team would you like to play?
How good you are now I'm in Memphis and I'm the only one I think of at this time.

What has been the secret to overcome the bad start to the season?
I always speak of the trust we now have in the company, how we have become a solidarity team. It is not that before we did not trust in the one of the side: it is that we did not know how to translate it in the parties. After our bad start, the players got together. It was not about cutting heads or finding guilts. We talked clearly and voted which players would be the captains. We decided that we would be Zach Randolph and me.

You have the merit of being the captain of a team in your second year ...
It is not necessary to emphasize that I am one of the team's captains, although it does show that your team believes in you and your values.

How are you living by the American experience?
Really good. I was lucky enough to play in a city where I had lived before, and this helps you a lot when it comes to adapting to you.

Do you miss something out there?
Obviously, food is missing a lot. I'm lucky that a friend, Dani Olivella, who has a restaurant in San Francisco, sends me things that I really appreciate. In addition, I found a website that sells Spanish products in the US. As far as I know, it is a family that lived in Spain and built this. I buy everything: wine, honey, canned tuna, oil ...

Something else?
When I come from Spain I am loaded with the books I want to read during the year. Music is bought online. My teammates have them well fried with Spanish music. In the dressing room, it always sounds like something, and I've done with the key in the closet where the loudspeaker is where we seat the iPod. In the wardrobe of the Grizzlies usually they sound Estopa or the Exception. My colleagues hallucinate quite a lot. I also see Spanish series: I have been very attached to Qüestión de sexo and always follow Crackovia, from TVXUMUM. Those of the team think I'm like a goat, because my laughter is all over the plane.

And what do you say about the family?
The fact that you do not have direct contact with friends and family is obviously what is worse. The truth is that I speak a lot with them. Skype is a blessing. The time difference between Memphis and Barcelona is seven hours, so when I get to have free time, it's in the afternoon, I can talk to people, though it's for them at night.

In some occasions, I have commented that there are a lack of Spanish players at the ACB, but curiously enough when a good one comes out right away at the NBA.
Home! The NBA is a dream for any player, but it is clear that Europe also has many good things to offer for a basketball player.

Do you think Ricky Rubio has done well postponing his arrival at the NBA?
Of course! Especially because he has signed up for a club like FC Barcelona. I am completely sure that you will not regret your decision.

Do you think that one day there will be NBA franchises in Europe?
It could be, but I do not believe that I will continue to work when that happens.

Let's go back in time. Have you always been to Espanyol in your house?
Well, it is true that when we were small we were going to the Sarrià countryside accompanied by our grandfather. But really my team is Barça!

What did Barça mean for you?
Lucky It was the dream of any child, play the club you admire, and get to the first team, debut ...

And what did the last year mean in Akasvayu Girona?
In Girona last year we did not charge. It was not an easy situation for anyone, but the clothing was kept together. In this regard, Pedro Martinez, Diego Ocampo, Román Montáñez, Fernando San Emeterio ... worked well, and people like Arriel McDonald and Darryl Middleton. They made us see that, although we did not charge, our duty was to continue. If you see physiotherapists or utensils, who live every month, and continue to work when they do not cover, how can not you do it? When Girona had to go from the ACB for the economic problems it was very hard.

Why do you like Shaquille O'Neil?
Because he enjoys every moment in which he is on the track. Not only for the player who is, but because he is an excellent person. It is a piece of bread and has impressive details.

What would you recommend to a child who starts basketball?
Just one thing: enjoy this sport with your friends.

Your brother says he would be very excited to retire to Barça. Do you share this desire?
I have a lot of friends at Can Barça, but if Girona returns to ACB ... it would be a very difficult decision to take. Of course I would love to win the Euroleague ...

When you finish your sporting career, you have decided what will you dedicate to yourself?
Still, this year, surely, I will start my university distance.

Very personal questions

A city to live? I do not like many, but Girona has something special
A place to go on a trip? The Balearic Islands
A plate Fish
A book to read? Now i am with The hand of Fatima
A movie movie? I recently saw My sister's keeper
A means to be informed? There is nothing like the Internet
Sea or mountain? I'm in love with both of you, but the sea pulls me a lot
A singer or musical group? Estopa and the Exception
What historical character would you like to know? There are so many! James Naismith, to say one
A current character? I would go for a coffee with Nelson Mandela
A sportsman who admires Well, Roger Federer and Valentino Rossi
What values ​​more people? Sincerity
What would happen to a desert island? A fishing rod
A confessable desire? Have a lot of health

The meteoric race
of "la Tanketa"

Marc Gasol was born in Barcelona 29 January 1985. The second son of Agustí Gasol and Marisa Sáez immediately realized that he wanted to follow the steps of his elder brother, in Pau. The "Tanketa" basketball career -this called it in the lower classes of the Llor de Sant Boi School- has also been meteoric. After a few years in the base basketball of FC Barcelona, ​​at sixteen he tried his luck for two years at Lausane High School in Memphis and then signed the 2003-2004 season for the first FC Barcelona team, where he won the ACB League. The personal problems with coach Dusko Ivanovic led him to join the Akasvayu Girona club with which he won the FIBA ​​EuroCup (2006-2007).
With only 23 years he signed for the Grizzlies and became the best NBA debut from the ACB, scoring twelve points in his first game. With the Spanish team he has won a World Championship (Japan, 2006), a European Championship (Poland, 2009) and a silver medal at the Beijing 2008 Olympics.

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