Exercises of meditation to begin and end the day

Alejandro Yeste | Olga Barbero

22 in March, 2019

Alejandro, a yoga instructor, explains two meditation exercises through breathing: one to invigorate in the morning, take energy and clarify the mind, and another to relax before going to sleep.

Basically, meditate is paying attention. We spend the day paying attention to the outside, when we are looking at the cell phone, when we are reading or doing whatever it is, and it is all that attention we project outwards, take it inside and focus on how we are Thinking, what kind of thoughts are dwelling in the mind, what we are feeling, whether we are feeling comfortable with what is happening emotionally or not, etc.
It is to enter into this attitude of neutrality, of equanimity, to be able little by little, everything that is happening to us that is generating us suffering, discomfort, stopping fighting it, and to the extent that you are stopping fighting and what You are watching, permetti that you go slowly dissolving. And insofar as it dissolves, you stay calm, calm and go reconcile with what was happening inside.
There are many ways to meditate: through mantras, pranayames, visualizations, mudres, and today I will explain a couple of simple exercises through breathing: one to invigorate in the morning, to take energy and clarify the mind, and the other before going to sleep. If you see that you have had a very busy day and that the boss goes bustling, it helps to lower revolutions.

The first exercise is called Kapalabathi Pranayama, the translation would be 'brilliant skull' and it is this exercise to invigorate and clarify the mind in the morning.
It is an exercise that is done in 4 phases, 4 time: 3 time in which you take air and fill the belly, and the XNUMxrt time you suddenly contract the navel. We make cycles of 4 repetitions to inspire in three 30, 1, 2 and exhalo, 3, 1, 2 ...

The second exercise is called Chandra Pranayama, translation would be 'lunar breathing' and it is also very simple. This is what we would do before going to sleep if we had a great day, to calm the revolutions. It consists of stretching the palm of the right hand, with the thumb of the right hand covering the right nostril, and inspiring the left nostril. You can retain some moments and exhale, also by the same left hole. And this is how 5 is at 10 minutes, trying to get the time it takes to fill you with air, have the same duration as you are trying to exhale. That is, if you're filling in 7 seconds, be sure to exhale in 7 seconds.

I hope you have served and can help you in your day to day, and if you want to go deeper, we look forward to the sessions we offer.

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