"In Denmark I will improve more"

Cristian González

12 November, 2009

Aschwin Wildeboer, despite having Dutch parents, is Catalan of birth. After doing bronze in the final of 100 meters back to the 2009 World Cups, this swimmer from Club Natació Sabadell is currently training in Denmark with the ambitious purpose of being among the best in the world and having podium options in some Olimpic games.

Aschwin Wildeboer (Sabadell, 1986), decided a few months ago to move to Denmark, where he has been training since then to improve his brands. The Catalan swimmer tells us that the culture of preparation in the Nordic countries is much more professional than the one in Catalonia, and this factor should help him face up to his future sports challenges.

Is Spanish swimming a step below that of other countries?
Currently yes We must recognize that we still have a lot to be at the level of other swimming powers.

Do you want to change your way of training or are there other aspects, which need to be improved in the way you work?
I would say both things. You can train better and you must also psychologically assume that we are equal or better than the others. Especially we must be willing to listen, learn and copy some aspects of the ones that are better.

Is it why he has left in Denmark?
There they have a more positive mindset, because even the worst dreams of being the best. This allows you to create very ambitious work environments.

What differences have you noticed between working here and doing it there?
For me the mentality of swimmers is fundamental, which is really positive and self-indulgent. In Denmark I will improve more.

Why do swimmers in this country always remain in great promise and do not just break out in the international arena?
I think that in too early ages, it is too much to get good results immediately from the point of view of the competition. Parents will see their children in competitions and want them to win; On the other hand, the coach wants to quickly swim in the Spanish championship this same year. All this is a very big mistake. What parents and coaches have to do is make sure that the child is doing well doing swimming, which is a very good technique, and that, above all, is a necessary progression to explode when he is older. He has to think about being the world champion between the 22 and the 26 years, and not forcing the boy to be champion of Catalonia in the 14.

The last Spanish sensation is Rafa Muñoz. Will you give great joy?
I hope yes. There is always a doubt as to what will happen when they take off their swimsuits, but without any doubt Rafa is a swimmer with a lot of talent.

You have always rejected the use of polyurethane swimwear, which as of next year can no longer be used ...
Yes it's true. I have always been against it, but that does not mean that I have never benefited. However, I am glad that next year they disappear.

But the fact is that all swimmers were alike ... or not?
No. There are swimmers that are heavier, have a worse figure and their technique is incorrect. And in this case they have benefited more from this technology than those that have always focused on having an ideal silhouette and weight, as well as an excellent swimming technique.

With time will be devalued records obtained in these years of use of the swimsuit?
I think that right now, in the world of swimming, these records do not have the same consideration as the facts before polyurethane. Before, the records were sometimes counted and had a special value. Unfortunately, this has now disappeared.

How do you see yourself right now?
I can only say that I continue in progress and with great desire to continue improving.

What are the future challenges in the short and medium term?
In the short term, I would like to position myself among the best swimmers in the world in the backspace, and in the medium term I would like to lower the current world records before the whole affair of polyurethane broke out.

You swim for Spain and your brother in Holland. Because?
The Olaf decided to swim in Holland at a time when the Spanish Swimming Federation was very bad. Managers only thought of their own benefit instead of looking after the swimmers good. Another understandable aspect in the case of my brother was that he had the opportunity to form a relay with one of the best swimmers in history, Pieter van den Hoogenband.

There have been changes to the Spanish Swimming Federation. Do you think they have been positive?
Yes, in the short time they take the direction, there has been a very positive change, and it is to thank the effort they are making to improve Spanish swimming.

After the bronze at the World Cup in Rome, did you get any advertising contract?
Not yet, but we are currently negotiating with various brands. Maybe it's not good to say it, but they see a future value in me.

Is it true that swimmers have a very limited social life and spend all day swimming?
Yes it is true The swimmer who wants to succeed can not afford to go out at night very often. This is a real sport, in which getting out late every weekend has no place.

But then you never leave a party or what?
Yes, yes I do, but only during the two weeks of summer vacations and the first weeks I have in the preseason.

Do you understand that Michael Phelps, after winning everything, is now going through the holidays?
If. I understand perfectly, he already participated in the Sydney 2000 Olympics, which means he was training as a beast from 1998, without making a social life. Now it's up to you to combine both things. He can do it because Michael Phelps is the best in the world.

You now have 23 years and still have a few years of career, but then what do you plan to do?
The truth is that I would love to be able to travel for a year or two. First know a world and then decide where to stay and build my future.

Several people have told me that it has a very peculiar character. Do you know what they can refer to?
I guess they refer to the fact that I am very carefree. This allows me to be happy and see life in a positive way.

What does Club Natació Sabadell mean for you?
For me the Club Natació Sabadell is like my house. It is the place where I have been given everything to get where I am now and where I have grown since I am small.

What do you think about the new facilities that are being made?
The truth is that this is an impressive facility, there is hardly a private swimming club in Europe with facilities of this magnitude. The truth is that we can feel very lucky to have this very interesting project in Sabadell.

Very personal questions

A city to live? Sydney
A place to go on a trip? Thailand
A plate Any of Asian cuisine
A book to read? Men as gods
A movie movie? Seven
A means to be informed? Internet
Sea or mountain? Sea
A singer or musical group? High Contrast
What historical character would you like to know? Alexander the Great
A current character? Barack Obama
A sportsman who admires Swimmer Aaron Peirsol
What values ​​more people? Let them be positive
If one day he was the president of the Government or the UN, what first decision would he take? I do not know
Straight or Left? Indifferent Those who have the most capable politicians to move the country forward.
What would happen to a desert island? A knife
A confessable desire? Hunger is over in the world

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Cristian González

Graduate in Journalism (UPF), Graduate in Contemporary History (UB), Master in Business Communication Specialization in Digital Technologies (UPF).

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