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9 November, 2010

Poor postures and everyday tensions are the main cause of back pain that suffers a large part of the population. The treatment can go through the application of manual techniques (massage, osteopathy ...) but, above all, for the re-education of the body.

Back pain is a problem that affects a large part of the population and is one of the main concerns of today's society. A high percentage of medical visits and work-related injuries correspond to spinal pains (raquiálgia). Bad postural habits, sedentary lifestyle and stress are some of the factors that lead to the appearance of these diseases, which, unfortunately, are increasingly occurring.

Many of these problems could be avoided by postural awareness and control work that bases the treatment on the whole body, looking for the balance between the muscle strings and trying to restore the joint physiological amplitudes, by helping with respiratory work by release the tension

The muscles of the human body can be divided into two groups: dynamic and static or postural. Broadly speaking, the first group is in charge of voluntary movements, and if these muscles do not work they tend to weakness (for example, the biceps brachial). The second group is in constant contraction, since it is the one that maintains the position of the body fighting against the force of gravity. These muscles tend to shorten (for example, hamstrings).

According to Léopold Busquet, director of the training center Les chaînes musculaires and author of numerous books on the subject, the body's muscles are organized into chains. This causes the body to be a functional unit, so that the involvement of a zone (due to weakness, contracture, etc.) may have an impact on another, be close or away from the point of conflict. An example of this situation would be the relationship between bad lumps and the weakness of the abdominal band. The decompensation between the abdominal musculature and the lumbar causes the body's lack of strength to be inadequate, which causes the force that should absorb the abdominal muscles, due to its weakness, to the lumbar area and overload it.

In this way we see that enjoying a good balance of the tone and muscle flexibility, apart from preventing or alleviating the pain, will also facilitate the free and fluid movements, while reducing the tension of the joints, which It will allow us to fight against joint wear.

Specific physical activity
To improve tone and flexibility to articulate people who already suffer from back pain, the best option is to practice a soft physical activity, scheduled and supervised by a specialist. This type of activity can receive many names: in the form, back school ... In any case, so that it is useful to treat back pain, the training program must focus on the exercises of collateral. Postural location, muscular potentiation, general mobility, stretching and respiratory work.

It is an activity that does not require great efforts and, generally, the sessions are structured in three parts: the first one where a global warming of the body is made; In the second one, the main contents planned for the session are carried out, and the third is to relax.

Although not a personalized attention, the advantage of becoming a small group allows the technician to constantly monitor students so that the exercises are done in a correct and controlled manner.

This type of activity, as long as it is done regularly, is the ideal starting point for acquiring good postural awareness and becoming the basis for doing other activities. In addition, it helps us to do an injury prevention work and will allow us to obtain a learning of postural and ergonomic habits perfectly extrapolated to the basic activities of daily life, thus earning a quality of life.

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