Veevo by Claror, the most complete training in 45 minutes

Adriana Garcia | Judit Torres | Marc Moya

17 October, 2019

Functional training, fitboxing, meditation and mental training.

Veevo by Claror is a unique, effective and fun training method designed by Veevo's professional team consisting of one 45 minute session in which many calories are burned, the adrenaline is run and ends up recovering the body and mind balance.

Veevo By Claror Method

The method is based on the perfect combination of functional training, fitboxing, mental training and meditation from exercises and games that go to fun.

The session begins with thefunctional training which allows the entire body to be started with very complete and high intensity movements so that each exercise multiplies its effect.

Then we put on the boxing gloves and pass on to the part of fitboxing, with which we download all the adrenaline by means of boxing exercises without fighting or fighting, only with the boxing bag.

We end the session with minutes of meditation, in which the body remains in a state of relaxation and balance to face the next challenges that life imposes on us. The Veevo method owes much of its success at the moment.

The last piece of the method is the mental training, a technique that allows each session to have a special atmosphere of motivation in a group that changes the way of training. There is a positive challenge and self-esteem will be very much present for a complete evolution.

Live it on Claror Sardenya! You will enjoy the sensation of putting boxing gloves for the first time and experiencing how the energy travels through your body.

the authors

Adriana Garcia

Fitness technician and personal trainer

Graduate in Physical Education and instructor entitled LesMills in Body Pump, Body Balance and GRIT Series

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Judit Torres

Executive of accounts of communication, image and marketing of the Claror Sardenya

Graduate in Advertising and Public Relations (UAB), Senior Technician in Audiovisual and Multimedia Production (EMAV)

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Marc Moya

Fitness technician and personal trainer

Higher Level of Physical-Recreational Activities and I'm about to Graduate in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences.

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