From the Hospital to the Cathedral, the sports and solidarity challenge of Xavi Vallès

Ester Benach

1 April, 2019

I'm Xavi Vallès and I have three challenges.

Challenge 1. Overcome cancer
I found out I had cancer once I had taken my pancreatic tumor and had a very powerful surgery.
The first year of treatment was very hard and it left me muscularly fatal. Gradually doing gym sessions I have been improving and evolving very muscularly. It also helps you very psychologically. Sporting strengthens you very psychologically.

Challenge 2. Obtain funds for the research of childhood cancer
It was all about wanting to do something, I did not want to think 'I've taken cancer and I'm staying here.' I was really looking forward and I still felt good to do things. Why did I focus on children or on childhood oncology? Well, I have always thought of as a father, that I was lucky that the disease touches me and not my children. When you're away you always think that you can never touch and when you are inside you know many things that make you see that you are ill today but tomorrow your child can be. I have known how the financing of childhood oncology is and this was decisive for betting on her.

Dr. Sánchez de Toledo: The incidence of cancer in Europe in developed countries is approximately 1.200 new cases of childhood cancer in Europe, 200 cases in Catalonia each year and around 20% of these are new tumors of the central nervous system.
At this time the survival rate of children with cancer has increased from what was 40% before the 80 years to a situation at the moment is of a global survival of 80%. But this 80% not all tumors reach it. Some, due to their special characteristics, have lower survivals.

Dr. Miguel de Segura: The research project that we carry out at the Vall d'Hebron Research Institute focuses on proposing new therapies for the treatment of brain tumors in general and, in particular, for ependymoma. Ependymoma is the third most common pediatric brain tumor and for which there are very few therapeutic options.
We try to tackle the treatment of ependymoma from two main aspects. One is through the implementation of epigenetic therapies and the other is trying to understand what is leading to the micro tumor environment, that is, the tissue where the tumor is In this case, the brain develops - what signs the tumor provides for this tumor to grow. Our intention is to know these signs to block them and thus develop a new form of therapy.

Challenge 3. Visibilize the cause with a sport challenge: from the Hospital to the Cathedral

I will be leaving the 16 in May with an electric bike from Vall d'Hebron to Santiago de Compostela. We will do the Jacobean route or the Camino de Santiago and we will pedal every day about 4 or 5 hours above the bicycle.
They will be 17 days pedaling but it will not be just an adventure for the Xavi pedaling on a bicycle because it is their challenge but visits to different pediatric pediatricians are scheduled in important cities where we go through to disseminate the cause and the contribution or collection in infant oncology.
I still have no idea what to do, but that's why I'm getting ready. It is clear that even a patient must have dreams and challenges to move forward, I think that helps a lot.

Dr. Sánchez de Toledo: the project that Xavi Vallès has been delighted with and has encouraged us all to be able to carry it out is the research that our group carries out in the field of one of the brain tumors that affect the creatures , probably from those who less frequently give us but that has a great importance from the point of view of healing this type of tumors. And this type of tumors are called ependymomes.
They are tumors that usually affect small creatures and have a behavior that can have an important mortality rate.

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