Eduard Teixidó

Responsible for the fitness room of the Claror Sardenya

Graduate in Psychology (UB), Official Master's Degree in Physical Activity and Health (UNIA-UPO), Senior Technician Physical Activity (IES Mare de Déu de la Mercè), National Fitness Trainer (Aprofide), Specialization Course in Psychology of the 'Esport (UAB), Promoter of Physical Activity and Health (UAB), Course of Mental Disorders Severely (by Dr. Rosa Ordoñez), Sex and Gender Violence Course (UB)

What is my professional task?
I am responsible for the multipurpose fitness room in the afternoon and I carry out, design, prepare and teach training programs at all levels. I also do physical activity directed classes for adults at Claror Sardenya. Paralelamente soy Psicólogo de Psicosmart SL, área médica.
What sports do I practice?
Bodybuilding Karate, Hapkido.
What do I like?
Practicing martial arts, deep psychology, modeling and music.


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