Ester Benach

Director of excellence and social responsibility

Graduate in Communication Sciences (UAB), Graduate in Advertising and Public Relations (UOC), Master's Degree in Corporate Social Responsibility (UOC)

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What is my professional task?
From the 2012, I direct the scope of Excellence and Social Responsibility, from where we design and supervise the policies and actions of Corporate Social Responsibility as well as the management systems of the entity's excellence.
Before 2012 and from 1996, I was part of the Claror Group's communication and marketing area, as an assistant to coordination, doing very diverse tasks such as the execution of the communication accounts of the clubs, the internal communication, the relation with the press or the coordination and layout of the magazine and other publications of the entity.

What sports do I practice?
I have done ballet, swimming and synchronized swimming but ... what I enjoy most is from the breaks in the spa! I take some meters to the pool and, from time to time, a massage that covers my back.

What do I like?

The relationship with entities and associative life, to dance, to feel small playing with my children, to find moments for friends, my work for the continuous satisfaction of being able to contribute to sustainable development, improving the quality of life of many people, betting on the ethical management of the organization and promoting community projects.



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