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We are a publication with more than 20 years of history which focuses its contents on it fitness Hello i wellness. We were born as a printed magazine but after 81 numbers we decided to opt for the digital field to adapt to the new times and for this reason we now communicate with format online blog.

The team of people who make this beautiful and exciting project possible, we are professionals of recognized prestige and solvency in the world of journalism, medicine, psychology and physical education. We all have an objective in common, offer content in Catalan that helps physical and emotional well-being for all people.


Sergi Larripa, director
Cristian González, coordinator
Ester Benach, editor
Olga Barbero, editor
Mariona Sanmartí, editor
Judith Torres, editor
Raquel Luján, design
Maria Carbó, corrector


Gabriel Domingo, General Director of Clubs Claror
Núria Borràs, Executive Director of Claror Sardenya i Claror Cartagena
Sergi Larripa, Director of Marketing and Communication of Claror Clubs and Director of the Claror Magazine
Ester Benach, Responsible for Relations and Social Commitment of Claror Clubs
Cristina Rueff, Head of Sales and Personal attention of Claror Clubs
Núria Sabartés, Operating Director of Can Caralleu
Miguel Ángel Martínez, Head of Innovation and Sports Quality at Claror Clubs
Cristian González, Coordinator of Claror Magazine


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